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    ubrs - best raid ever, esp the general and people not knowing what "KITE" means.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonso View Post
    Kara on my pally as ret.... ahhh yes, all the times I killed myself on prince during enfeeble because of seal of blood.... good times.... good times...
    That was me also. I got carried through Kara tho, I had noooo idea what was going on at all, i was playing on a crappy laptop and kept lagging out, and I had to download this program called Vent to play *woosh* <- sound of things going over my head. I'm sure I was bottom dps, and I died every boss, but it was awesome! We killed Prince, tho, and they gave me the t4 head token (cuz they all already had t6 or something, this was at the last two weeks of BC)!

    This was the beginning of my endgame experience, and I consider a quality player across the board now! Good times
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    First raid ever was Scholomance followed by UD Strat.

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    Kara, and since I was in greens and normal mode blues, I was need rolling on every piece of cloth that dropped.
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    "Fall of therzane....." ....um what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
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    Just did pvp in Vanilla, that High warlord eluded me because of a summer vacation Started raiding in BC when Kara hit. That was a very fun raid although I remember pugging in on an alt with a friend's guild and they wiped on chess event. I /facepalmed and invited him to our guild.

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    Zul'aman(or however that's spelled) back in BC

    Well, unless you count doing UBRS when it was a 15 person instance
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    MC on some private server but it wasn't the best experience ~~ Then i bought WoW few weeks after TBC release and first official raid was Karazhan.

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    My first raid was actually Tempest Keep. And I won my T5 shoulders there. I played my Shaman as Enhance and no one wanted to bring me to Karazhan because Shamans were a liability. So I kinda AFKd in Shat and some guy asked me to go to TK with them because they needed a Heroism. Best raid ever.

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    UBRS while it was 15 man but I'd say my first real raid was as a holy priest in ZG.

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    I started playing very shortly after BC came out (got hooked on the campaign) so naturally Kara .

    To this day there wasn't an instance I loved more.

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    Ahn'Qiraj 40-man.

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    My first raid was Naxx (level 80).
    I still remember, after our first wipe, I didn't release (because I didn't have Cold Weather Flying)
    One of our healers told me to stop being lazy and run back, and that he wouldn't rez me. I tried to say over vent that I didn't have CWF, but he wouldn't let me get a word in and started getting mad that I wasn't releasing...I finally released, and asked for a summon back...suddenly he understood and all was forgiven.

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    Well if you don't count the 10 man instances, which were then made 5 man, i guess ubrs?

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    Bein' a burr tank in Karazhan. Had like a mix of S1 and the LW tanking chest and pants with a few other blues or epics from heroics, some of my best memories in WoW.
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    ToGC. My friend got me into playing WoW during Tier9 season and I dinged 80 two hours before the guild we were in was going to raid and they let me join.
    Killed every boss that night on heroic and yeah, I know it could be considered a boost
    To their expectations I actually did pretty well when it comes to surviving and using my abilities and stuff. I only died on Icehowl.
    They told me the tactics and I understood them very good.
    ICC was my first "progressive" raid as I was boosted in ToGC and I really found normal ICC too easy. We had problems with a few heroic bosses, same as most heroic-raiders had.

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    ICC by the end of wotlk, we did like 6 bosses in one night and I had no idea about what we were doing.
    I liked the feeling of raiding and since then i've never stopped raiding, today I killed shannox hc in 10 man for the first time

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    Nax 25 man in wrath, I didn't know what pve was, I dinged 70 and all i did was pvp. Wrath dropped and then i started raiding, I didn't know what vent was or anything. I solo Kara to get gold and i am convinced if they bring back Kara as a new lvl 85 raid, people will be playing again. It is a really detailed and well thought out instance. Nice music, nice scenery, good voice overs, and very fucking spooky. On some Scooby Doo shit!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brofl View Post
    I won't consider UBRS, Scholo, or Strat raids they were dungeons.

    But I remember when I was first taken into MC on my holy pally...
    I buffed and tried to heal until I went oom in like a minute. It sucked ass.
    UBRS was in fact a raid, but scholo and strat no.

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    Gruul's Lair as an OT. On the Council I managed to survive and hold threat (Misdirection I thank you) we wiped three times if i can remember correct
    (Healing, and Mage problems) On Gruul I was told to DPS I ended up being one of the only two people alive due to a "Healing" problem Paladin Prot DPS FTW!

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    If I'm right it was Ulduar like 2months Before ToC came out

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