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    ubrs, then MC
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brofl View Post
    I won't consider UBRS, Scholo, or Strat raids they were dungeons.

    But I remember when I was first taken into MC on my holy pally...
    I buffed and tried to heal until I went oom in like a minute. It sucked ass.
    Are you sure though? UBRS, Scholo and Strat were all 15 mans at the beginning then went to 10 mans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrana View Post
    Karazhan. Great place to start
    i second this

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    Zul Gurub with a lvl 64 warlock... I thought I would get massive ExP, but I only got 120Ep per mob or something like that...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suikoden View Post
    Are you sure though? UBRS, Scholo and Strat were all 15 mans at the beginning then went to 10 mans.
    Scholo and Strat were never intended to be raids, they just didn't have an upper limit. We zerged them with 25 some times.

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    MC, few weeks after Vanilla was released. We didn't have a clue what to do, and we never reached Lucifron.

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    UBRS doesn't count, despite being the pinnacle of WoW PvE at one point. :P

    MC, for me.

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    Upper Blackrock Spire

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    Quote Originally Posted by vaztes View Post

    same for me
    Your mother

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    LBRS, ye olden days <3

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    Battle for Mount Hyjal was my first raid...I still remember the most bad ass thing i had ever seen when our paladin tank was tanking all them adds...it was so cool.

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    My first raid was Stratholme.

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    Uldaman. about 30 players. top player was level 45. we barely made it.

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    Was leveling a feral druid at the time, think was level 30 something, friends asked if i wanted to come heal and managed to heal all the way to the library boss, quit after that encounter.

    Heard wotlk was coming out made a hunter and here i am xD
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    Karazhan, good times.
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    Think it was MC.

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    Went in there not having any idea, Trying to heal and I didn't even know about raid frames. Just clicked the party member then clicked my heal

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    naxx at lvl 80 on my dk, finally i reached the max lvl and we actually cleared all bosses current content even thou we was a noob/casual guild

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    Quote Originally Posted by schlubbor View Post
    Uldaman. about 30 players. top player was level 45. we barely made it.
    Hmm... now that you mention it. I remember going into Deadmines, with like 20 players. Really dumb idea, I didn't stay very long, and I doubt the raid finished the place (vastly underleveled).

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