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    MC with my hunter pre TBC. Directly followed by BWD clear. Didnt even know how to play at this point. Iirc it was my 2nd day lvl 60 and got like 4 or 5 items. And damn I was wanking. Back in the days purple meant smth :O

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    Molten Core

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    Bastion of Twilight. I started towards the end of Wrath, never really bothered with raiding until Cata came out.

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    I think it was Scholomace. Think I was in there for 3 hours or so. I was probably tanking in my weird Arms/Prot spec. Don't think we got past that bloke near the end with the 2 skeleton adds, with the shadow aura.

    My first 40 man was Molten Core. Some top guild was selling MC spots for 20g, and my guildies had collected cash to get me in a run for my birthday. It was awesome, especially since my GF kinda felt how cool I found it that I was stepping into MC, she made me Mac and Cheese for me to eat on trash pulls. Now that's love for ya! She's still my GF, and we got 2 kids now, lol!

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    Scholomance before the nerfs.

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    Sartharion 3 drakes 25man, inb4 newfag
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    Karazhan as raid leader even was early tbc 2.0 even i think !
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    Karazhan! i started wow a little after wrath came out, so it was pretty exciting going into a BC raid

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    Zul'gurub back in vanilla. But didnt kill any bosses. So karazan 10 man. And magtheridion 25 man

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    I believe it was Tempest Keep

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    Scholo @ lvl 57 with 10 man.
    Other then that MC @ 60

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    Kara Beast Mastery Hunter

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    Karazhan, best raid ever.
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    I don't remember
    Zul'aman next to karazhan i tried kara first but didnt complet it
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roest View Post
    Scholo and Strat were never intended to be raids, they just didn't have an upper limit. We zerged them with 25 some times.
    I don't know.... They may have not been intended to be raids but they still required more than 5 people. Maybe it's kinda in a grey area?

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    Was either Stratholme or UBRS, but I think it was Stratholme.
    If you only count raids, Molten Core then, joint force of 3 guilds :P

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    Zul'aman at end TBC when i just hitted level 70 on my Hunter

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    ZG was my first raid, I will never forget it, back they they didn't have level reqs on things and my guild was one dps short and brought me in on my 59 rogue(man did it take a long time to level back then). It was so epic, I was rather dissapointed in the measly 5 xp per mob but the loot was amazing, I had my first raid epic before I hit 60. fun times, what happened to them?

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    Karazhan. After begging my raid leader to let me (lolret) in.

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    UBRS was my first raid :P 15 people if I renember.
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