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    My First Raid ever was Zul'gurub , we killed Venoxis in about 1 Hour and then wiped our asses off with Jeklik. I think like 4 Hours or so XD.

    But i dont count the 10 or 15Man Dungeons. That would be Scholomance then , or Ubrs? I don't remember anymore

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    Sorry my bad. But you couldnt enter below lvl 60 anyway.
    I think you could. Until i think WoltK you could enter raids with 5lvl belox max. 55 for zg/mc etc and 65 for kara or Gruul.

    We had low lvl paladins with us in the early Bc Days (Horde ) , and i know that i was in a McAlt Raid with my lvl 57 Warlock looting t1 for leveling XD.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zhalseran View Post
    Molten Core, hours after I hit level 60. The only group stuff I ever did before that was Deadmines and Stockades, so I was completely lost.
    What about attunement?

    Mine was MC too.

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    Gruul's Lair. I honestly don't remember it being all epic and stuff and I don't get nostalgic about it. I wasn't much for Karazhan or Mag's either. I did love ZA and TK though. So freaking amazing the both of them. I played starting in 1.6 but didn't hit max level until 2.2. Warrior leveling was just AARrRRRGHGHG!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kesolovac View Post
    Stratholme and Scholomance were 10man raids, and then they were changed to 5 man dungeons.
    Were those ever really considered raids though? You can get 10 people into UBRS but I'm pretty sure that's just considered a regular dungeon.
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    Naxx 25 Wish I could've done Kara and BT at 70 though.

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    Gruuls. I just dinged 70 as a blues/greens mage and was told to mage tank. The hunters in the group misdirected EVERYTHING to me and I was blamed for the wipe, which was no bueno. Made a promise to study a raid before I went in so I didn't derp it up like I thought I did in Gruuls, and so far I havent messed that up. Gruuls. Was. AWESOME
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    If it actually counts as a raid (and not as a loot-piñata) TotC

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    Legit raid, MC (UBRS, Strat etc... whatever).

    Holy pally, rebuffing every five minutes, being designated as the out-of-combat rezzer sometimes... it was a blast. Haha.
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    Kara!!! lol fun times

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    Random Tarren Mill RAID while leveling up my first character. This was back when fights between TM and SS would take 6-8 hours and BG's were server que only and would take like 40min to get in one, and sometimes AV lasted for days...

    most yall so jelly you missed that.

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    Kara followed by Gruul's Lair and then Maggy. Got full T4 in 1 night (5hours of raiding)


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    Kara was mine back during BC.

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    Kara was mine just dinged 70 and my guild asked me to OT it needless to say it was a night filled with laughter and good times one of the best wow memory's i have

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    I hit lvl 70 two days before 2.3. And my first was ZA - didn't kill any bosses tho, but still was fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brofl View Post
    I won't consider UBRS, Scholo, or Strat raids they were dungeons.

    But I remember when I was first taken into MC on my holy pally...
    I buffed and tried to heal until I went oom in like a minute. It sucked ass.
    Since we're not counting UBRS, LBRS, Scholomance or Stratholme then Molten Core on my Hunter.

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    Molten Core... OMG good ole days. i guess UBRS actually.

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    Karazhan, 3 or 4 bosses...didn't get far, but yeah...the tanking belt was nice.

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    It was Karazhan... Good old days

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    Naxx but in the ulduar patch.
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