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    hogger. you'd think this was the beginning of a joke buy my first character was human ally and I was such a noob and didn't know what I was doing so I started a raid group to kill what I thought was some special elite mob, and yea.. horrible things happened to us. first REAL raid was ubrs. I was still a noob fresh off of anarchy online raiding. now THAT was a game back then.

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    Karazhan... '' Where was i ... Oh yes ... '' *STAB* bleeding damage.

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    Zul'gurub actually.

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    got called up to deeps on Festergut after a Warrior got kicked

    didn't have vent or DBM then, the instructions they gave were "Stand here, don't move, pew pew"

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    Molten Core was my first, I was completely blown away.. Just seeing the 2 giant mobs at the entrance. Most memorable moment in WoW for me.

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    Karazhan was my first raid =). good memories from that. been raiding consistent ever since =D

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    While levelling a friend took me through AQ20 and ZG but the first proper raid I did was Naxx the day I hit 80, went straight to Sapph and wiped in less than a minute (this was when ICC was already half out lol).

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    Stratholme. A world epic dropped off the first trash pack and much drama ensued.

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    Favourite raid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Strossus View Post
    Wrong again. Before that usually was Stratholme as it used to be a bit easier. :>
    Stratholme was a 5man dungeon, not a raid, so yeah, UBRS 15man :P

    OT: Mine was Molten Core (I was already level 70)

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    Like many others, Kara.

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    MC PUG the day it came out. It was so epic with 40 people but we couldnt even down the 2 giants at the start....40v2....

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    Lvl 80 Onyxia died about 3 times to cleave from trash.....

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    Kara, when getting to shade in 1 night was baller

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    Quote Originally Posted by NecroGangster View Post
    Stratholme was a 5man dungeon, not a raid, so yeah, UBRS 15man :P

    OT: Mine was Molten Core (I was already level 70)
    originally stratholme and scholomance were tuned for 10 players

    OT: UBRS, was much fun

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    Level 60 Onyxia

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    I think I first hit UBRS and the Strat barron run then later MC and ony but that was about it for vanilla, i was too big of a scrub at the time to get much raiding in

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    ZG at 58 on my Pally, managed to down snake and bat, first raid at max level, MC.
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    MC, if my memory serves me correctly.

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