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    Choose one:

    ~lvl 22 Raid @ Astanaar / Ashenvale
    ~lvl 59 @ URBS
    ~lvl 60 @ MoltenCore
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    My first raid (not counting UBRS etc) was MC. Went in there on my old rogue, we killed up to Rag and then wiped for a good 90mins. We ended up killing him a couple weeks later and Perditions Blade dropped, I won it being that I had gotten very little Nightslayer. I was the first Rogue on the server with PB/CHT, it was awesome.

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    My first raid was on my rogue in kara. I remember being sooo terrible! Having half pvp gear and half pve gear with ALL crit gems stacked. I did that all through BC and then started a shaman for wrath. From that point on I became a legit raider.

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    Karazhan, was my very first raid on my very first toon and on my very first guild that I'm still rocking today
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    I didn't consider UBRS a raid instance back then, since it was 15 man (later turned into 10 man) - Real raids were 20 and 40 man.

    Looking back I would consider it a raid, so then it was my first. Else it was Molten Core.

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    I remember sneaking in on my big brothers' rogue and joining a scholo 10-man at level 55. I remember wondering what those dots around the enemy portait was, and also why I was missing like 80% of all hits. Those were the good old days

    First real raid was MC

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    My first raid was Stratholme Undead back when it was so hard people would never 5 man it. We ran that beast with 13 people. Then we did LBRS and merged with another guild's group and we had about 28 of us in LBRS. Was so epic to me. I got the 2h sword from Wyrmthalak which was so terrible back in the day. It had like 2.7 Speed as a two hander but boy was I pumped to get it on my ret pally.

    When I finally saw Doomsaw though from UBRS I had my heart set on what item I HAD to have. thing was so unique back then. The way it looked I mean. But anyways I'm going off topic. I guess if you don't count Stratholme, Scholo, LBRS/UBRS as raids which they all were at launch then Onyxia was my first.

    Back on Burning Legion as Alliance(US) there was a huge group of us who all wanted to raid but didn't want to join one guild and leave our own so we all made a channel called MCFTW and we'd all join that and make raid groups there. It was pretty crazy to do because back then barely anyone had set foot in a raid as a guild and succeeded muchless a glorified pug like us. We spent so long before we finally ever downed Onyxia, but boy was it epic.

    I'd LOVE to know if anyone from Burning Legion(US) would remember that channel. We did eventually all form a guild though called <Stormwind Vanguard>. Was epic back then. I sure as hell miss it.

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    Gruuls lair. I had hit 70 seconds ago and was about to explode in joy in guild chat, when the gm whispered me asking to dps it. I got totally carried, though I thought i was doing good until I saw dps meters. It was only after they killed Gruul and i got T4 loot that someone was like, "the fuck is he doing here?"
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    It was in mid vanilla, a guildmate didnt show up for the raid and i was asked to join. My mage was only 57 at the time but we did all bosses exept Ragnaros in MC and it was freaking amazing! Loved PvE ever since.

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    Onyxia. ^^

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    I belive it was either onyxia or Molten core. Had T2 helm as my first epic to I belive on 2nd onyxia kill.

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    Gruul's was my first
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    Molten Core as a firemage...Young and clueless, the best time ive had ingame.

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    That would be karazhan

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    I remember my first day of Molten Core on my priest. Took us over 3 hours to get to Lucifron. We didnt kill him that day but it was in FEB 2005 I believe we got it.

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    my First raid was MC and my first epic was Vendorstrike on my arms warrior.

    i actually miss him

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    ZG, I remember it like it was yesterday!
    I was 59 and was killing banshees in Easterner Plaguelands, was in the raid and had the summon ready, when I dinged 60 I went for the 'Accept' button but the summon time expired the very exact second I dinged!

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