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    Can't remember if it was UBRS 15man or MC... hmmm but I think it was MC when I was lvl 57 as a mage. Oh so epic, first raid ever for me and my guild and among the first on the server, no-one knew anything

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    Thanks Rivelle for the sig.

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    Not counting Ubrs it would be MC

    edit: hmm I think I posted in this thread a few months ago already lol

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    The old version of Onyxia's Lair!

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    Karazhan for me... I was clueless

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    Karazhan! I actually didn't quite understand the layout at first and it took me the first week to figure it out lol. This was also when I keyboard turned and clicked ahaha.

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    My first raid? I was around level 40, and it was a South Shore raid. mmmm world pvp.

    First raid dungeon? Scholo, back when it took 10 people.

    First raid that most people actually considered a raid? MC.

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    probably MC,trying to get eye of sulfuras >_>
    Was doing my first weekly at lvl 80 on my warrior, was Ulduar, Flame leviathan. i saw how much health he had and kinda freaked out, then realized how easy he was with all 10 ppl and the vehicles XD
    ulduar is still my favorite raid ever

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    I don't know. I'm lost.
    My first raid was Naxx. I had clue what to do against the bosses.

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    Molten Core. I was lvl 59 when our guild posted that we'd be raiding at 13 the next day. I pushed to 60 - finishing with a 3 hours grind because i ran out of quests in Winterspring. We entered MC, killed the first 2 giants with ease and then continued to wipe on the fireguy that spawns adds that silence for a while. Then we called it.

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    Karazhan. Still my favourite raid, next to Ulduar.

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    uldar was my first as alot say like karazhan it was epic

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    My first raid ever? Hm.. let me think.. but I'm quite sure it was either Lord Nagafen or Lady Vox.

    Edit: Ah wait no, it wasn't. Kedge keep at like 37 or so. Phinnigel Atropos was damn hard at that level to kill :\

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    If you consider UBRS as a raid, then UBRS. Otherwise Karazhan, dinged 60 when TBC was about to be released so didn't have much time for Vanilla raiding, sadly :/

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    Was my server the only one that didn't Raid Scholo, Strat and UBRS? We didn't consider them raids back in December 04/January 05. We would create raid groups sometimes to carry people through, but for the most part they were 5 mans to us back then.

    I remember the first time we got 30 people and went into Molten Core. were only able to kill the first 2 giants before the raid exploded. Druid bracers dropped off them too. Then CTRaid Assist came out a couple weeks later and made everything so much easier.

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    At appropriate level? Karazhan. At the time I didn't even know what things like "raid lockouts" were, and I had a whopping 2 (PvP) epics on me.

    Otherwise maybe MC @ level 6X when leveling and bored? Dunno really.

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    I think it was UBRS or MC. I had horrible gear too!

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    Scholomance when it was a raid i guess, but first big raid was MC and i got felheart gloves <3

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    Naxx 2.0 on my resto shaman right after I dinged 80.
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    UBRS on my Nelf rogue
    I thought I did, but apparently I don't

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