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    Stratholme at lvl 56 on my priest... my guild kept dragging me into runs and I barely got any XP out of them due to being in a raid instead of a party.

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    My first raid was UBRS but I don't count it as a real one. So I'll have to say molten core, i was there on my brothers warlock killing Garr. Or just spamming banish to my add and after that just shadow bolting.

    First raid on my own character was ZG.
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    King illegal forest to pig wild kill in it a is?!

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    MC, in 2006 - everyone was in at least 50% t1, while I was running around in a [Robe of Numbness of the Owl]
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    Karazahn, it was probably my peak of WoW fun wise. I never raided again after BC.

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    UBRS, if you count it, otherwise it was ZG, oh boy...how great it used to be with my holly pala back when wow was fun and new for me

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    People saying UBRS doesnt count, are you kidding me? The bosses had a skull including "??", ofcourse it counts, it was a raid instance.

    UBRS - 15 man

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    Stratholme 10 man FTW!

    Those were the times.

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    Kara, on my first toon! I was a fury warrior...got kicked out during Curator.

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    Defending southshore at level 55, best raid ever, learnt so much from the game and met some good IRL friends in that one night alone.

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    My first raid ever?
    UBRS, where we got the server first Drakki kill after wiping for several hours.
    Was awesome!

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    zul'gurub =o

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    5-man: Ragefire Chasm (Beta) - went here during the closed beta with a friend at around level 8 or so - we thought the dragon around the target avatar looked cool and that it was probably because it dropped better loot. The first worm we pulled tore us a new one.
    10-man: Karazhan (TBC)
    15-man: UBRS (Classic)
    20-man: ZG (Classic)
    25-man: Ulduar (WotLK)
    40-man: Molten Core (Classic) - first raid run ever with the long gone guild Synergy of Bladefist-EU. Going as holy paladin I won Helm of the Lifegiver, which was pretty crap, but it was epic so I was super happy.
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    Gruulu's Lair and after that Magteridon's Lair. I rly enjoyed Gruulu, damn it was so epic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brofl View Post
    I won't consider UBRS, Scholo, or Strat raids they were dungeons.

    But I remember when I was first taken into MC on my holy pally...
    I buffed and tried to heal until I went oom in like a minute. It sucked ass.
    well since 15mans don't count I guess ZG was my first raid then

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    ZG, and I had no clue. Good times, good times.

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    10 chars

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    Totally Karazhan on my holy paladin, with no addons, and clicking my action bars, oh those were the days >.<

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