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    UBRS way back in the Classic day before they made it a 5-man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Earenbane View Post
    1st raid for me was THE 1st Raid, if you didn't raid UBRS/LBRS then your a noob
    my a noob?

    OT: Zul'Aman in tbc

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    My first? Molten Core

    My second? Gruul's Lair haha (didn't start raiding hardcore till late BC / early Wrath

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    Kara, the best place to start raiding.

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    UBRS prolly, but MC was my first "F*CK YES, WE KILLED HIM!" raid :P

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    Not sure if it was Zul'aman or Sunwell Plateau one of the two...

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    In Naxx 80 when I killed Patchwerk. That was one of the most fun times I have ever had raiding. It felt so awesome at the time.

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    Either Gruul's Lair or Karahzan. Kara was definitely the first one I cleared though.

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    Molten Core, years ago at Level 60. Very good times! The screaming after Rag was great haha. It was my first real taste of 40 man raiding. There was UBRS before that.
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    I'm pretty sure it was Kara. I spent most of bc in there lol.

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    ICC 10 man. Got all the way up to Blood Queen on my first go. Guild I joined kind of carried me. Now I carry them.

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    molten core

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    Naxxramas at 80. Maexxna or something was the first major boss I did.

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    Probably Naxx 80.
    Since I started playing in pirate servers, then joined vanilla when it was ending, continued with bc and quit for over a year until I returned with wotlk.
    Probably all the years before raiding in Naxx were fullfiled with solo leveling, small dungeons and such. I was younger and my deeds and time couldn't be spend on raiding. But yeah, I don't really know, probably I stepped some raid without even knowing it, oh my early noob days.

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    My first raid was UBRS, I was a paladin healing with a cloth robe (dress), and when Nefarius yelled "KILL THE ONE IN THE DRESS!", I was really worried he would send the whelps at me, was as awesome as it gets.
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    Obsidian Sanctum 25.

    I even got the plate dps helm. [Titans Outlook] I believe.

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    Kharazan and proud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragoncurry View Post
    Kharazan and proud.
    Same here, and BT right next, we chain-wiped on the Illidari Council, though.

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    Karahzan. Best raid Blizzard has ever designed.

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