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    Molten Core.
    From the start all the way to the end, including heavy FR gear farming (I was a tank back then).
    Was pretty awesome.
    And Onyxia was included in the week also.

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    I've been playing for six and a half years and the first raid I ever attended was the Naxxramas of WotLK, and the first and only raid I've ever completed was ToC.

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    Ice Crown Citadel.
    come at me bros

    No I didn't. It was Molten Core. And you can never persuade me to run that horrendous thing of a raid again as a priest.

    Renew, flash heal, flash heal, flash heal. Renew, flash heal, flash heal, flash heal. Rinse and repeat for 8 hours total to clear trash and kill baron geddon. Yes~.

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    The very first I did was UBRS. When I reached 60, Scholo, Strat and co weren't raids anymore. The first real raid I joined was a Zul'gurub. I was unguilded, had been playing with the MT of some somewhat decent guild regularly, so he invited me to fill their roster, and then they guilded me.

    I was so excited, and found it so awesome. Cool times.

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    My first was probably Scholomance 10-man. Oh boy, that was ages ago...

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    Karazhan and it was a very good representative for the Raiding part of wow for me :P

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    Kara hands down. Lost tiers and axe cous i didnt know how to roll. To embarrassed to ask anyone in the game too. A thread on wows forum told me how to roll. Now i got a new problem, i dont win any rolls unless im the only one rolling -.-

    Edit: joined the grp with full pvp gear. was fun
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    I started playing during patch 1.11.x so I didn't manage to hit 60 until JUST after TBC dropped, then I had another 10 to go. Obviously, Kara was my first raid. Good times. Since then the only raids I missed out on while they were relevant were T6 (Hyjal, BT), Sunwell, the last half of ICC (I quit the game for about a year. A the time, gating was still in effect and you couldn't get past Saurfang), Firelands and now DS. I quit again back in May after clearing all of the initial raid content of Cata, but quit in May before Firelands. I just renewed about a week before 4.3 and haven't been into DS at all. I'm in no hurry though. I haven't even bothered trying to get guilded again. I'm just gearing an alt and doing some metagame stuff like AH-PvP.

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    Kara, on my lock, was sooooooo nervous. It was a pug grp we called it after not being able to kill the trash in time 3 times...so bad lol

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    Serpentshrine Cavern at 70 lvl

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    i feel way to new... firelands

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    gruuls lair on my all blue geared pally, i felt so cool barely knowing how to play back then...now i just realize how much i sucked lol
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    40 man onyxia, i won the deathbringer AXE 1h on my warrior, its was i think my 2nd epic, i was really happy, this is back when epics were still epic
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    UBRS, if you can count that as a "raid". Molten Core shortly after that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrana View Post
    Karazhan. Great place to start
    10 char bla bla
    Resto druid @ Shadowsong EU

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    Well I did raid Maraudon when I was a lowbie, but first raid was Molten Core.

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    10M Scholomance before it got reduced to the 5M version.

    And my very first PvP raid was at lvl 13 or so in Ashenvale. Was shitting my pants when I saw my first Moonfire getting shot at us by some elf druid. Didn't even know who the enemy was or what they looked like.

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    Karazhan here, damn good times.

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    Either Scholo or Baron.

    **Or our epic wannabe raid on the undercity back when world pvp was awesome and exciting and guards wouldn't 1-shot everyone.

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    ZG during BC

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