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    Trial of the Crusader so much fun

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    Karazhan. Best instance ever, really.

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    Karazhan, have fond memories of that place (althought by unspoken consent no one ventured into animal quarter)

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    10 man strat dead side. on my enhancement shammie. had no clue what i was doing, but had fun doing it!

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    original Onxyia, at 70-something during mid Wrath.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzunki View Post
    Karazhan, have fond memories of that place (althought by unspoken consent no one ventured into animal quarter)
    That's because it didnt drop any real loot, just some "of the (..)" crap that sucked most of the time.

    Oh, and Kara was my first raid too.
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    loot reaver.. :P it was interesting

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    10 man Baron or Scholo, can't remember which, lol. Way back in like March/April 2005

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    Ulduar 10man
    Kyloth and Elêne @ UC Elevator Victims 2/8hc
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    Naxx10, Kel'Thuzad. My very first raid experience, thrown into the second 10man team of a "soon to be a 25man raid" team. Ended up dead in the very first void zone since I misunderstood the raid leader. Good times.
    We did eventually kill KT a few pulls later. \o/

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    UBRS at 54... we actually full cleared with me being that low too O.o

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    ZG at 60. I was subbed in and the raid was at Jin'do. I zoned in, and in my attempts at finding the raid and getting to them I pulled multiple packs that they'd skipped and wiped the whole raid. People were happy with me. Ah, good times.

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    I dont know which was my first but it would be close with UBRS or Scholomance back when they used to be raids. Some fun times back then haha.

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    Depending on what you call a raid, Scholo or Molten Core.

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    Level 60 Onyxia.

    Before they took it out in Wrath.

    The level eighties (I was about 68 or 69) just pretty much destroyed it.

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    molten core then karazhan

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    UBRS 15 man at level 54. Picked up Shadowcraft Gloves for my Rogue on my very first run!

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