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    Wrath baby here so Naxx pugs for me as well. Got into a raiding guild and started tanking for Ulduar. Game hasn't felt as epic since those first few weeks of Ulduar.

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    My first raid was Karazhan!

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    My first one at lvl was Mogu'shan Vaults actually.

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    On a hunter, raiding Razor Hill in Durotar on patch 1.4.0 day when they released pvp ranking system.

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    Scholo maybe? wait does WSG count? lol

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    If you go by today's definitions; UBRS back at lvl 60 when it was 15-man. However, no one back then actually viewed 15-man as a 'raid', so yeah, I guess Molten Core a few months after launch would have to be my final answer. ^^

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    Karazhan, healing Moroes. Garrote thing was a pain omg.

    My first dungeon was Gnomeregan and for some reason because I was still a noob, for months I thought that the entrance to Gnomeregan was the Tram in SW :/ >_<
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    Molten Core - we wiped at the first 2 mobs
    THIS ! Awesome how 40 ppl. were wrecked by these to Molten Giants

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    MC, or Scholo, if you count that.

    have quite a few fond memories during vanilla... though not necessarily fond memories OF vanilla.

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    Took me a while to reach 60 back then, so when I finally dinged, my guild took me in on the first couple of bosses in ZG.

    Must of been at that moment I fell in love with this game.

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    UBRS when it was still a raid.

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    ZG when i was only level 58 on my resto druid. I begged my guild and they brought me in.

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    UBRS 15, at level 52? Don't remember. But far below level 60.

    The first "real" raid was MC 1 Day after hitting level 60, with quite poor gear. It was terrible, but after long fights and wipes we managed to kill even Lucifron!

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    Bastion of twilight was first time I raided. Beginning of cata obv, when it was only BoT and Bwd out

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    AQ 40 ;D i had no idea what was going on

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    Karazhan. SO much fun.

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    Icecrown Citadel

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    LBRS for Attunment quest, using the tag mob and leave raid trick to get quest done for everyone.

    First real raid was MC.

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    UBRS at lvl 59. I had no idea what was going on.
    I had only done a few dungeons with some friends, I leveled almost solely on quests back in the days while running back and forth to questgivers instead of just doing all the quests all at once. Haha, omg, thats was tideous. I still remember how I farmed half a day to get Pristine Tiger fang in booty Bay.

    I picked up the basics in UBRS, though, and some weeks later I was in MC since our guildleader co-worked with another guild. Man, I still remember how I had to get carried to get my attunement for MC and Onyxia. At that time I was puzzled on how those players knew so much. And then I learnt how to Thottbot things

    On top og it all, I replaced my Xbow with Strikers Mark on that first run, not knowing at that time that my blue Xbow quest-reward from AV packed a better punch. Bt Striker's var purple!!!
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