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    Games Gamestop will never see... from me!

    Posting on games i cherish and enjoy keeping around, although i'll probably never play through again. No sure if this has been posted but i was interested in other people's opinions of games they have in there collection that will remain there always.

    1 Goldeneye (N64)
    2 FFVII (PS)
    3 Resident Evil (PS)
    4 MK3 (N64)
    5 Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)
    6 Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (N64)
    7 Soul Reaver: Legacy of Cain (PS)
    8 Gears of War (XBOX 360)

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    Red Dead Redemption, Dragon Age, Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood, Borderlands.

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    wow, all of them

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    1: LOZ: Occarina of time
    2: LOZ: Major's mask
    3: Super mario all stars
    4: FFX
    5: Any of the old pokemon games
    6: My original halo 3 and 2

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    I sell every game I buy eventually, and usually end up regreting most of the resales but hey, what can I say I'm a penny pincher.

    This is how I think: Why spend 40 dollars on cataclysm, when I can trade in AC: Brotherhood (completed storyline, bored of multiplayer) and Sims 3 (completed a lifetime wish, got boring quick lol) and get cataclysm ultimately free while gaining reward points and saving from the power up card.

    I dont usually find myself playing through a story/campaign twice ever unless it's a legendary game (GTA4) or a game I haven't played in a few years (forgot most of the storyline). Although if it has a good multiplayer with VERY high replayability such as MW2 in its days (which I still play to this day over black ops) and Halo 3 then I will keep it as these games are also legendary but on the multiplayer side insyead.

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