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    Quote Originally Posted by Wonderboy View Post
    sign up via the site. Its pretty incredible to be honest, best mmo since wow .
    that's what everybody was saying about Aion, and guess what? It sucked. Sure the game was pretty but both PvE and PvP sucked. Not saying Rift is going to suck, but you can't base a game off of beta. I played Aion in beta and I thought it was great. I bought it and canceled my wow account for the free month. But as soon as I got towards level cap and the instances were horrible and the grinding got overbearing I bounced. Am I going to play rift? Probably not. I just took a 6 month break from WoW and am really digging Cata so far. Plus with SWTOR coming out in a few months I have that to look forward to(assuming it doesn't flop like others have)

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    So I just got done with the beta 4 with Rift. Now let me say this first of all the beta two months before it even comes out is a lot better then any game i've played even when the game has been released for a month to a year. Yes beta doesn't tell you everything but since the game itself is far beyon bein ready to come out in this generation of games. Trion can and will make adjustments. And like someone said earlier to all who say it is just like WoW, well honestly every MMO is like achother in one way or another, so your point about that is first of all dumb, and shows how many MMO's you have played. yes it might not be a WoW stomper but you know i see more potential over all from this game then WoW. I already pre-ordered the game and I can't wait till I can play it. My point on this reply is don't knock it till you try and don't knock it untill you've actually played just becuase you played till lvl 10 or lvl 20 doesn't even mean you really played the game, just means you tried a few things out and most of you look at it as well WoW has this and WoW has that. Well it could be just me but it's not WoW. And aion was great and it was fun in PvP and again you didnt get to the level cap so thats why you hated pvp probably got ganked a lot IMO. The pve yes it lacked a bit but they did to the lvl cap to 55 and it was a lot better in some ways. Again like I said earlier don't knock a game untill you try it. And honestly the post healine is not even about if you liked it or not and even the person that asked the question didn't ask on how you felt about it. In what im trying to say just answer the peron's post/thread and if you don't want to reply then just go on with your life. If you want to say how much the games sucks for what ever reason go make your own post about it. Have a great day and again don't knock it untill you try it. peace

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    From what I've played its not a bad game whatsoever. Sadly its the same old, same old. Thats not good enough for me at this point. Nor does the lore interest me. I'm not renewing my WoW sub either btw. I'm done with this style of MMO.

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    I can vouche that Rift feels nothing like Aion. It already feels better than Aion ever did (my opinion, I'm sure many people disagree). It is more polished and the combat system is how it is because it works. Instances are smooth and feel heroic while doing them (and we've only seen 3 of them so far). Classes are a little imbalanced, but Trion is working on that. The world PvP is extremely fun, and the warfronts are something different.

    The game is only compared to WoW because of its party system and UI, but the questing and instances feel unique and have room for replayability. Still in its beta phase, the game appeals to those looking for another fluent and familiar combat system. Those looking for something brand new or who are big into lore I wouldn't suggest it for. I only ask that anybody wishing to just pass up this game give it a try for themselves, because videos and second-hand experiences don't give this game justice.

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    My favorite argument against Rift is that is feels too similar to WoW... so they are going to just keep playing WoW. Doesn't WoW feel just like WoW?

    As far as the beta went, I had a blast. The rift events can suck you into the game pretty quick, you form up a raid with others in the zone and roam from invasion to invasion hunting the rift that is griefing your zone. The class system is phenomenal, it feels like what blizzard had imagined for the mastery system in the beginning but it is implemented in Rift perfectly. A lot of people say "Oh, it's just the talent tree system," these people don't know what they are talking about. In Rift you are choosing three flavors of one class to mingle together, in WoW it can be like that for some classes and other classes have talent trees that have nothing to do with each other. If you tried it and didn't like it, oh well, but if you haven't tried it don't listen to the guys who just watched a youtube video or got to level 5 and quit. What were you doing in WoW at level 5?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grable View Post
    It doesn't change the fact that it doesn't bring anything new to the table.
    Oh, so I guess you didn't notice the new graphics, the brilliant new class system, the major rift invasions terrorizing the world and will indeed consume it if players don't participate. Oh and by the way, there's the awesome end-game content that's launching with the game that include Raid Rifts, major PvP battles and Raid Dungeons.
    And of course the terrific story that brandishes technological masterminds creating machines for time-travel and Ascension from death, as well as faithful soldiers who are granted blessing by Gods themselves.

    IF you leaves those parts out, then yeah. Nothing new at all.

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    I find it amusing that the game's big gimmick is something that WoW would have in a fleeting world event.

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    Long time viewer, first time poster here.

    Anyways, alot of people claim Rift is excellent, better than WoW, ect. Personally though, any game who puts "We aren't in Azeroth anymore" in their ads (Watch the Rift video on the front page) is taking ideas from WoW. Just saying.

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    RIFT is far from original but it is also far from the same old MMOs.
    Just finished playing the last beta and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn't expecting much really. Once I ignored the children crying 'WOW COPY WTF' (thank God for the Ignore button) it was pleasant and enjoyable.
    Yeah it has a lot of the same features that other MMOs have. What MMO is unique in every aspect these days I ask? Oh right, none!
    Questing was fluid, spell animations were amazing... overall, considering its still in beta stages, it was pretty damn good.
    Problem with online gamers (and just pc gamers in general) is that they expect too much.
    Look at WoW. You complain something is missing, you get it, now its wrong...

    But, anyway, don't just be a sheep and follow one or two poor comments from people who've yet to play. Experience it for yourself and you'll see if its a game you want to play.
    Got my CE already re-ordered

    Edit - The rifts are not something WoW would be able to reproduce quickly. Not to the degree RIFT has done them at least.

    Why would a game not take ideas from WoW? Warcraft is a successful game, anyone making a game from that genre would be daft not to see what worked well and try use them in their own way.

    Ever see zombies in only one horror game? No... zombies work, a horror staple right there.
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    Only thing that would maybe drag me away from wow is Star Wars the old republic

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    What I think will happen is a ginormous ammount of people will buy Rift when it comes out, then the servers will be overloaded because they didn't anticipate the ammount of players they got, causing massive rage among the players that switched from wow making them come back while blizzard implements a system stolen from the game causing even more people return to WoW ending the story with Rift having enough subscribers to make a nice profit for the makers, but not being as much as they hoped for.

    I'm not saying the game's bad, i'm just saying that this is what has happened to nearly every major MMO launch recently.
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    Okay if you didn't hear what all the people that played rift sayed including me that rift in beta has been better due to the flawless lag issues and any of the sorts on the game just minor fixes to help with like the crafting and other things then any other MMO that has come out on release AKA trion RIFT beta>any other release of other MMO's just saying might be a clue. So I do not at all see an issue with how many people are gonna play period. I played on servers that were probably over capped on what they should've been and no lag issues and if someone has lag issues probably due to their computer. Again flawless victory goes to trion for the way the game looks and feels right now. NOT AT ALL saying it beats WoW but in the beginning of things it def. does.

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