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    How does one transfer curse addons to different computer?

    I got a new computer today and I want to start playing on it instead of my laptop. I was wondering how do I copy my addons and such on my laptop and move it to my new computer? I know curse premium has the sync thing, but I don't want to subscribe to curse just to get that. Is there an alternative? Thanks.

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    copy your WTF folder

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    That's all? No specific things I need to do beside copying WTF folder? If not, thanks!

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    Just the WTF folder and the addons in your Interface folder. The WTF folder has all your saved variables and settings so you won't have to do very much to change your UI to how it is on your Laptop. And I wouldn't worry about subscribing to Curse I did it last year and I can hardly get it to sync my settings, If you want to sync both of your computers together I would recommend (if you are a windows 7 user) getting a windows live account (free) and trying out Windows Mesh. It's a program that can sync folders together between multiple computers via your windows live account, It's a free program and it works great.

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    I have Win 7 on both laptop and this new computer. I'll check into Windows Mesh you mentioned. Thanks!

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    You can also just copy the entire WoW folder over to the desktop and it'll run just fine. No need to reinstall.

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    curse premium also has a feature which allows you to share addons and settings between different computers
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    Quote Originally Posted by ant1pathy View Post
    You can also just copy the entire WoW folder over to the desktop and it'll run just fine. No need to reinstall.
    Quoted again for emphasis. There is no need to re-install WoW when you switch computer. All needed registry values are written every time you start the launcher.

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    I use windows mesh or Live Sync as its called now, works like a charm. Its included in the installer for MS messenger.
    It syncs my addon folder and my account name folder in the wtf folder, that way you get the changes you do in your addons stored between computers.
    You get 5gb of online storage (20gb if your a long time user) so you dont have to have both computeres powered up at the same time for the changes to apply, it'll check your online archive for changes.

    That being said, it doesn't work right away. You'll have to do a few changes.
    Install live sync
    1 On your first pc, select the folders you wish to have synced. (remember to tell it to use your sky drive aswell for offline syncing)
    2 On the second pc, open sync and it'll show your synced folders. Click the sync button to add them to the second pc aswell
    3 Once its done downloading the folders, you'll notice that it has stored them in your documents folder.
    4 Close sync on the second pc.
    5 Move the appropriate folders to where you actually want them in your wow folder, overwrite the existing files.
    6 Open sync again, click the sync underneath the greyed out folder and lead it to where you moved the folder
    7 Done
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