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    How much wow do you play a day?

    Me and my Girlfriend found out yesterday that i play an average of 11,7hours per day.
    How about you other guys?

    Ps: No im not nerd or adicted >.>Ii just dont like going outside in the winter. ITS BLOODY COLD
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    From last week until Friday, zero hours per day. Damn coursework deadlines..

    Usually it's more like 5-10 depending on my workload.

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    maybe 2 hours 4 tops on some days.
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    2-3 hours, 4-5 on raid nights.

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    Ehh. If I'm off work I try 8-12 a day? :/ Haha no life. On work days it's usually 5-6 hours.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwaize View Post
    Ps: No im not nerf or adicted >.> i just dont like going outside in the winter. ITS BLOODY COLD
    This made me lol so hard in the middle of class that my teacher found out i wasnt paying attention. thanks
    Op topic: about 4-6 hours on average i guess
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    In Cata until now couple hours a day, sometimes dont play few days, sometimes 3-4 hours is the max.
    In Wotlk it was even less then that. Classic and TBC took alot of my time.

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    4-5 hours on a raid day, 1-2 hours on a school day, and 8-9 hours when I have nothing to do in the weekends

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    2-3 hours more if its a raid nigth

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    2-3 hours every few days, in a good week.

    I used to play from sunup to sunset but, then, ... yeah. Now I go dancing and work and stuff!

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    Depends, it can be 2 hours, it can be 10 hours.

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    hmm.. 10-12h.. sometimes more, depending on whats happening..

    kinda confronting

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    Maybe like 2 hours. Log on, queue for random heroic, do dailies while waiting in queue, do heroic, log off.

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    Provided I've got nothing to do (days like today) I can play for 12 hours or better, but when I need to get stuff done I won't give the game a single passing thought. On average I'd say between 4-5 hours.

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    Way too much, affects my studies pretty strongly. But yea, about 3-6 hours on weekdays and 8+ on weekends, unless I'm playing Xbox.
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    Usually one hour a day, often less

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    Quote Originally Posted by shwaize View Post
    Ps: No im not nerd or adicted >.>Ii just dont like going outside in the winter. ITS BLOODY COLD
    I hear that! My gametime is rather unaffected by the winter though, there's just too much else do do inside:P
    But an average of 4-5 hours sounds about right.
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    like 1-2 hours a week. in wotlk it was a way more
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    4 hours on raiding nights (3 of which spent raiding).

    Otherwise, 1-2 hours, perhaps 3 on weekends.

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