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    Like one hour now, Starting to get bored. Plus college about to start again.

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    erm, 1.5 hours? less per day maybe? i have none on mon, tue, wed, thurs, some on fri, bit on satursay, changes with sport fixtures, and a bit more sunfay
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    the people who play the most are too busy playing to post on this ^ ^
    I will lay down my bones among the rocks and roots.

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    Hmm lets see, I wake up around 9-10am. Get on. Go to sleep around 3-4am. So about 16-17 hours a day. Gave some hours to make food and use the bathroom and such.

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    Hahahaha...not addicted.

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    Probably at least 7. Lately I've been tryin to be more active, but that's not really possible with a bad cold.

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    I do the Tol barad dailys, daily heroic (combined ~3hours) an 3h raiding once a week.
    SOon the Tol barad dailys will be gone ^^

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    I say an avg of almost 6hrs, sometimes more, sometimes less
    Really depends

    I try to play until I've done my dailies, then it's upto how I feel in the end
    So far, I'm just questing around and that might change when I've finished the quests set for my char
    Might go lvl an alt, but that won't be as interesting as the first time :P

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    2 or 3 hours if raiding like 7

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    like an hour every day got 1 85, 2 82's, and an 80

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    play about..4-5 hours a day

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    on job days I log before work to do the dailies then 3-4 hours when I get back
    on free days it can be anywhere from 4 to 10 hours

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    I find the day splits into 3 parts, 8 hours work, 8 hours sleep, 8 hours wow.
    Food being lumped in with sleep being its non-productive but cant be skipped.
    Transit to work is considered part of work.

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    15 hours a day atleast

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    10-12 hours per day.

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    3-6 hours if i feel like farming herbs and do some HC/raids.
    1-3 hours if all i do is farming herbs (which is like this most of the time).

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    4hours, on raiding nights 8 hours

    weekend depend on if I'm going out with friends or not

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    on raid nights 5-6 hrs, otherwise im not playing more than 2-3

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    I used to play 6-10 hrs a day on average when wow used to be fun, but now its 1-2 usually. Just seems to be empty and boring once you hit 85, and I don't have 2 hrs in a row of steady play time which is what it takes now for a pug heroic + queue time it seems lol.

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