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    Switching Alchemy Mastery

    I've always been a transmute master on my shaman. But lately I just haven't been gettig any procs at all. A few days ago I was lucky enough to get a few truegold procs back to back. But I'm wondering if switching to elixer or potion mastery would be better money wise.*

    So my question for you guys is, what's your experience with elixer/potion mastery when it comes to getting lots of procs, profits etc? I've just been hesitant to switch because there are just so many pots/elixer on the ah compared to blue gems so idk if they're just constantly undercutting each other or what.*


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    I dont think you can change, i believe they took masteries out of the game

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    Not sure if they changed it with Cata, but you used to be able to change it. Not sure if there was another other requirements, but it did include handing over 1-200 gold.

    EDIT: And they didn't remove the masteries, because I'm an elixir master and proc flasks and elixir all the time. + my alchemy skill is called Elixir Mastery.

    EDIT2: It's alright for money I suppose. The only reason I picked it up was so that I could proc a few extra flasks when farming before raids and then use them or sell them on. It's always nice when you get a x5 proc on something expensive
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    Quote Originally Posted by Burninfate View Post
    I dont think you can change, i believe they took masteries out of the game
    Not true for alchemy or Engineering.

    You can change. It costs about 200g. You have to go to the correct trainer in outlands, unlearn the spec you have and then accept learning the new spec. You can google or wowhead where each trainer is located.

    Transmute is still the most profitable, I have one of each. Elixer is close second but many guilds are getting the cauldron now, so Im expecting transmute to be on top. Dont forget you can make gems, it isnt just truegold for money.

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    it is possible to change,
    go to the alchemy trainer in shattrah.

    and unlearn it.

    then learn the thing you want.
    it depends on the thing you want to learn where to be.

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    You can switch, and its fairly painless

    You go to the requierd trainer and pay 150 g to unlearn it.
    You then go to the trainer of the mastery you wish to learn and Voila, your done!

    http://www.wowhead.com/npc=17909 - Master of potions
    http://www.wowhead.com/npc=22427 - Master of Transmutes
    http://www.wowhead.com/npc=19052 - Master of Elixirs

    And to answer OP's Question. Elixir master is usualy the best as you can earn alot of gold on flasks. And making more flasks means more procs and in turn more profit.
    I like being a transmute master though, and even though its rare its fun to get the 5x procs of truegold
    Say what?

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    I just recently went from transmute to elixir. But it wasn't for making gold, it was because we were starting raiding and no one had a max level Alch that was Elixir spec'd. My experience has been around a 1-in-5 proc and have only been getting proc's for x2 so far. If you're in a raiding guild and trying to unlock the cauldron achievement, the proc's also count towards that.

    Truegold on my server is currently around 850 gold, flasks are around 200-300 gold. I would need about 4 flask procs to make more gold than one Truegold proc. I think that if you have the mats and don't mind farming them, Elixir spec could make more gold than transmute right now because you could still do a daily Truegold (just with no proc). But it would be a lot of farming/work to do so.

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    Check AH prices on Flasks before you consider switching. They are selling for 50-100g losses on my server. Better to just sell the mats (and the mats sell way faster too).

    I just went through the trouble of switching Elixir->Transmute. Truegold and Life->Air are the only real money makers.

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    Yeah the thing is is that I don't farm mats. Gem prices have plumited so I don't do those anymore. I used to make gems and send them to my pally to cut for a profit but that doesn't work anymore.

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    The economy is just balancing out. There's always peaks during expansions and major patches. In the long run, transmute is usually the better money maker. In 4.1 (presumably) there will be epic gem transmutes and it'll be a big money maker again. I plan on going back to it once guildies level their elixir alch alts and flask prices balance out.

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    I change often, usually two or three times a week. It only costs 150g which is chump change nowdays.

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