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    An idea for TB

    now first off i am in no way a huge player of PvP or TB but i have been reading about it's problems.
    my attempt at a soulution may or may not work but i thought i'd just put it how to see what people think

    maybe if a system was implemented so that instead of the number of people around a tower counting towards the capping of the tower: how about a kill/death ratio.

    example: horde hold the north tower - they get a kill/death ratio of let's say...15.
    so the alliance attempt to take that tower, they kill an orc warrior (example) the k/d changes to 14.
    a gnome mage is then killed. the k/d goes back to 15.

    the alliance would contol the tower when the k/d ratio hits -1, then the alliance would recieve an automatic 15 k/d ratio on that tower

    the numbers are just an estimate but i think you should get the general idea.

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    Wouldn't work at all.... When you control a tower everyone could just leave it... making it impossible to recap...

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