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    Boomkins are doing average dps, no fotm stuff, but we arent underpowered by any means.

    1: How are they a joke? starfire never moved, wrath was bumped up due to haste cap issues
    2. Use them right. they are amazing for tightly packed mobs and fungal growth paths
    3.Use your shrooms. And while you arent setting shrooms, dot stuff!
    4.It's a bug, deal with it, and get used to it because I am not sure how long it will be around for.
    5. That is why you wear healing gear, lot more haste, lot less mastery, besides, mastery is getting a buff. Along with the bonus offspec use.
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    This explains a lot.

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    Jumping straight into the middle of the discussion here, because I'm way past doing my "You're doing it wrong"-joke

    Quote Originally Posted by cantsee View Post
    Balance is currently 9th on average (not median) for overall DPS minus Halfus on

    I think the OP isnt concerned with the average DPS though, but is comparing boomkin's maximum potential DPS on any given fight to that of other classes. They DO fall far behind other classes in this regard. You only need to go to the actual WOL site and look at the overall rankings for each boss to see this. Different encounters favor different skill sets though and the upcoming patch should help to balance the classes further. I play feral and we currently rate 12th, so I dont think anyone will be telling you to reroll.
    Very well, here you go:

    These are the average DPS of all specs of people who are on the top 200 on WOL. As you can see, pretty much every class is high on some and low on others. We are generally in the "not highest but not lowest" category, and we are doing absolutely fine. You cannot say that being smack in the middle is not good enough for you.

    Hunters and warlocks are consistantly near the top of the meters, I'll give you that. They are getting nerfed. Even without the buffs we have incoming, our damage, and our placement on the meters, are absolutely fine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironstone View Post
    Maybe you think you do, you should come check out my guildies. In 25m we got a 4 dk's pushing 45k+ dps. I dont see moonkins coming close to that.
    If they're anywhere close to keeping 45k SUSTAINED DPS on BOSSES, DKs have to get hit with the nerf bat, and it needs to hit them hard. If its AoE? Who cares? I can pump out 40k AoE DPS as cat as well, if there are enough targets for Swipe to be worth it.

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    We're absolutely fine

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    Quote Originally Posted by dapeep View Post
    Also, just a general tip that upped my DPS considerably, try multi dotting mobs around. Once i hit an eclipse phase, i stack my buffed dots on every mob that i can (solar = moonfire on every mob, IS only on current kill target, solar = both dots on everything). My dps went up by roughly 5k when i started doing this when possible
    This. I usually dot up almost all trashmobs with at least moonfire/sunfire. With Lunar Shower this is virtually free of mana if you keep moving a bit. When all mobs are dotted then I nuke the main target.

    On a side note I'd love to see Starfall not damaging CC'd targets because now it's a pain to use it.

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    I'm having fun at least, that's what matters to me. /shoo lil crybaby =o
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    Quote Originally Posted by ironstone View Post
    Title pretty much says it all. Anyone else noticing that yet again boomkins are getting the shaft? i had a 6339GS at the end of LK and was doing about 15k+ dps. Now I get out dps'd by tanks and everyone else in heroics (equally geared peeps).

    1.) cast time on wrath and starfire seem to be a joke now
    2.) Wild Mushroom = the biggest fail ever
    3.) AoE dps sucks and with Hurricane costing over 15k mana its not viable
    4.) I still cant use a mount when in Boomkin form
    5.) Mastery is the worst stat ever for us and yet almost all caster gear contains insane ammounts of it

    These are just a few issues I feel I would like to see be addressed however it will never happen. Now lets hear the go roll feral flame posts.
    I can almost promise you, your doing something wrong. My GL is a boomkin and she pulls 13k - 14k dps. Shes right up there with me as a feral druid, DK's, mages, and warriors.

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    You must be doing it wrong. I've never been happier to be a balance druid.

    What's this cast time being a joke thing? Wrath's cast time was increased so that we can actually benefit from haste and not get shafted when we're in solar eclipse during bloodlust. Remember your .7 second wrath casts? Remember how that's useless and terrible? Now random haste procs, bloodlust, lifeblood, haste on gear, etc, is all always useful. Everyone's haste is low at the moment, I can't get enough of hearing my guildies bitch about it. :|

    Wild mushrooms are awful, yes, and blizzard is fixing it. They're buffing it, everything about them that made them bad. The cast time, gone, the 3 yard radius was doubled, damage increased by 15%. And guess what? If it's still bad, they will probably change it again. Because they can do that.

    Have you tried strafing moonfire tab spamming? It's pretty great AoE. My moonfire/sunfire ticks are the highest source of my damage on AoE fights. What's hurricane do again? idk.

    I really don't care that we can't mount in moonkin form, I'm a little more pissed that moonkin form still looks ridiculous and hasn't gotten the same overhaul as cat and bear forms. Oh, no, they took the time to make bear and cat forms for trolls and worgen, but they just threw some old owlbeast graphics onto their moonkin form and called it a day. I'm glad you can't mount in moonkin form, I just don't see why it still doesn't auto-cancel moonkin form when you try to mount. I have to make a fucking /cancelform [nocombat] macro in my mount button.

    Mastery is being buffed, and also it may be our worst stat, but at least we still gain benefits from it. I heard shadow priest's mastery is so bad that getting anything with mastery is such a net loss that they can barely replace gear. Crit is pretty bad too, we no longer gain procs from it so it's not important to have crit or have a certain level of it or anything. But that's the thing, there will always be stats that aren't as favorable as others. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's completely intended so that not every higher ilvl piece of gear is automatically an upgrade and that similar ilvl pieces of gear can be better than others.

    If you're not totally enjoying being a balance druid, maybe you should respecc, or reroll, because we're in a sweet fucking spot right now.

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