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    I have seen a license plate with "pwn 1337"

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    In SC2, TF2, WoW, or some other game...
    I had a 1337 arena rating and I also saw a guy with a 1337 gs.

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    my arena team rating was 1337

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    I saw a license plate for my Local High School once. It said "1337 h4x." I thought it was thoroughly awesome.
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    This is good, be a man about it.
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    I currently have 1337 mastery on my druid

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    Not WoW but one time while playing Kitten Cannon I got 1337 feet

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    Once had 1337 personal arena rating, also team at some point, once had 13.37 mastery, but not for long :P
    Have had a few 1337 avalanche crits lately, Crit 1337 with crusader strike on my 60 paladin
    Had a rend tick for 1337 in a heroic in wotlk

    The ones i can remember the best

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kahlesh View Post
    1337 quests completed some time ago oO

    uhm leeet?
    The word Leet stems from the word Elite. SOOOO take and E out of LEEET, put it in front and you get ELEET. I cant beleive I had to explain this to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dashield28 View Post
    The word Leet stems from the word Elite. SOOOO take and E out of LEEET, put it in front and you get ELEET. I cant beleive I had to explain this to you.
    But your hit wasn't for 31337... It was for 13337, so he was right =/

    I remember /random 1 - 1337 in Vanilla to try and get it to pop up while running back and rebuffing after wipes. I know I got it once or twice, screenshots are probably still on my old PC.

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    79-80 now takes 1,337,000 XP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AverageJoe42 View Post
    79-80 now takes 1,337,000 XP.
    =o awsome =p maby blizzard had that in mind when they made it

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    I've put out a lot of 1337 heals in my day.

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    I used to have an addon that would do a /yell if anyone hit for 1337. Once my warlock found out about this in our Naxx run, he started to take off his gear, click on and off his buffs until he got his hellfire to tic for exactly 1337 damage. We then went to spider wing.

    I got boot'd off the server because of the spam and wasn't able to log on for a good 10 minutes. He considers it a smashing success.

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    Playing Need for Speed, I had a total of 1337 km/h in a speedtrap race.
    Oh wait, General Discussions.

    Well I do remember having a boss reset at 1338. I was more sad about that missing number than the wipe.
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    Math class today....


    Read 133t

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    Frost mage getting a 1337 overkill on me in PVP.
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    The day cata came out, MASSIVE queue to the server I play on, guess what number i where :O
    I wanted to participate in the "Rate the signature above you!"-thread, and all i could come up with was this stupid signature...

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    iv seen a car number plate with 1337.... was lolz

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    on the beta on swifty when he was doing his burst part 2 video...

    i charged him doing 1337 dmg then killed him in 4.1 seconds with a fury warrior named

    strongwilled from the guild facecleave...

    heres the link u dont have to believe me though

    this is the ultimate...

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    On a level between 37-40 (its all a blur now) i had 1337 honor. I should have screenshot'd it... dang.

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