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    Bio : Arash

    Name : Arash

    Gender : Male

    Race : Human

    Age : in his mid 30s.

    Class : Rogue

    Job : Alliance Assassin

    Appearance :

    About 175cm tall, dressed in black leather clothes, his face is covered beneath his iron skull mask which is shadowed by the black hood attached to the cloak he always wears. always carries a few Knives and his two priced Daggers, which are made from Adamantite, wherever he goes. He also carries a Night Elf huntress' bow of unknown origin, thou he is not as crafty with a bow as a Night Elf ranger but his instincts along with his cunning-ness makes him a deadly Archer.

    Description :

    A Calm fellow, One of the keys to his success lies to his silence and patience, He is very good at blending in a crowd and not gathering attention. But he nonetheless has enough skills and abilities to infiltrate and take out targets in highly guarded fortresses. Uppon striking, those who are taken by surprise have no time to correct their mistake, and before their cold bodies hit the floor their killer has already merged with the shadows again.

    History :

    Born in a wealthy merchant family in Hearthglen. His childhood was plagued by the death of his entire family during a horrid bandit attack while they were on a trip to Andorhal, from there his father's high elf friend Kohiel raised the boy in the outskirts of Tranquillien. the early death of his parents struck him deep and if that wasn't enough he also had to try his best to get used to the elven way of living. due to his lack of wits and arcane knowledge many elves treated him like a weak individual, unable to achieve what even the weakest elf was able to. He did his best to fit into a society that was strange and harsh, and finally once he reached adulthood he left Tranquillien and went back to his homeland.

    Shortly after his arrival he began Serving as a skilled scout in Lordaeron Army, thou not as cunning as a real elven Ranger. But his days in Lordaeron was short , Once the Scourge plague broke out, He joined the Alliance expedition into Kalimdor and survived to finally serve as an Alliance ranger during the battle of mount Hyjal. After the war a fragile peace between Horde and Alliance was struck. Arash personally didn't trust the Orcs at all, counting them as mere savages. His distrust turned to hate after the Horde's attack on Theramore, and the death of Admiral Proudmoore by the hands of Orcs.

    Now a Veteran of the Third War, he was sent to Ashenvale after the death of Admiral Proudmoore to carry out assassinations and act as an Alliance agent in that area. after a series of successful assassinations he met Shayne, Whom he was tasked to assist in killing several key Horde members of Warsong Clan. Shayne taught him many things including the ways of Night Elven fighting, after years their partnership turned into friendship and the two did not see each other as student and mentor but two close friends. The young Scout's skills in survival and bow now was equal to a skilled Ranger, there were times where Shayne herself told him that he was surpassing what a normal Ranger could achive.

    Not surprisingly the Horde didn't stand so idly towards these intrusions. Vil'Zu, A cunning Troll Shadow Hunter from Darkspear was sent to Ashenvale to deal with the problem. Vil'Zu's planing seemed flawless, in a nightly ambush at Astrannar Vil'Zu and his band of Headhunters set Arash's house on fire. Arash narrowly espaced death, but the fires did burn him pretty bad. Shayne, enraged by Vil'Zu's action, went on by herself to find and kill the Shadow Hunter. her decapitated body was found days later, near the outskirts of Raynewood Retreat. Enraged by Vil'Zu's action Arash vowed to avenge her death by giving Vil'Zu the most painful way of dying possible.

    Days later Arash vanished from Ashenvale without a trace, going after the Shadow Hunter to settle the score between them. he reappeared in Stormwind several months later, dressed in all black and carrying an iron skull mask to hide his burnt face ... in addition of carrying two troll ceremonial daggers which are said to be given to Shadow Hunters by Troll priests as a gift.

    Since then Arash has been working with SI:7 as an Assassin for the Alliance, killing top level Horde members and any person who would pose a serious threat to Alliance interests in Azeroth.
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    That's extremely short. Give us more!

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    :P heh, I like my characters to be mysterious. :P should I remake it ? :\ I kinda suck at writing bios.

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    Look at other bio's in this forum to see how we set up characters. Mostly what you need in your bio is clarity on some of the points you have listed. Mysteriousness is good, but a bio should be open and informative. Your character will be mysterious in RP's so not to worry

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    Exactly what Vadoor said. You can be mysterious and odd in RP's, but we want to see your entire Biography here.

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    ok, i rewrote the history :P that should give you enough info. :P

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    Hi Bane, after the update to the history there are some things that I find a bit odd.

    You say he is good at blending into a crowd, but you describe him as 190cm which is really big. He will catch attention with this height.
    Additionally, you say he wears an iron mask and that he got burned during the assault on Ashenvale. Did that leave any scars an is it the reason he wears the mask?
    Clarify on that please.

    The second thing that personally strikes me as a bit odd, is the defeat of the Shadowhunter.
    I usually have nothing against heroic deeds by no means but the odds really stood against your character in my opinion. He was a human archer/Assassin and got assigned to conduct assassinations in Ashenvale. After the third war not that much time has passed and i don't think he could surpass The Elven Sentinels in their skills. So if the Shadowhunter was able to kill Shayne, your character would have worse chances in my opinion. Shadowhunters as well as Sentinels are used to vast forests or jungles as terrain, but you character, according to your description is working more in a fortified surrounding so that does not completely fit.
    Perhaps you could also elaborate on that.

    Basic concept of your character is fine never the less, it just needs a bit more explanation

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    Corrected some parts in history, still needs that "one last touch" thou :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by banestalker View Post
    Corrected some parts in history, still needs that "one last touch" thou :P
    I'll be on it tomorrow!

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    The grammar could use a few tweaks, but nothing out of the ordinary.

    As for your character, I don't have many complaints apart from the fact that you call your character a 'Ranger'. From what I have read he seems more of an assasin or a mercenary. (There are a few other minor issues but nothing noteworthy so I'll just let it slide as is.)

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