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    Stealthing to make you quit?

    I have only started arena in cata and so far 3 times my 2v2 team has killed 1 member and the remaining rogue or druid has stealthed and not emerged again

    what is the tactics here?

    1. To make us bored and quit?

    2. To hope to catch one of us unaware and burn down and go for the win?

    3. To be a cock?

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    um look for the arena buff to see stealthed and kill him?

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    Grab the anti-stealth orb that's available in arenas after few mins or so

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    Hehe.... lucky rogue

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    ahh never knew about that ty

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    no so lucky we found them all through aoe spam

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    1100 rating is srs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vvilly View Post
    1100 rating is srs.
    being an Ass is srs, bro!

    I'm 1400 rated and didn't know about this but everyone has to start somewhere right? Unless you were born with infinite wisdom I guess you didn't know about Shadow Sight either.

    On topic: haven't had this done to me but I have recently started doing arena (this expansion) and I didn't know about shadow sight so I thank you for asking this question as it will no doubt help if I ever run into players like that, thankfully I haven't yet.

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    Get DBM, it has timers for when shadow sight pops up (two spawn points per arena). Don't pick it up if you don't need it, you'll take 5% more damage.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vvilly View Post
    1100 rating is srs.
    I've met people at 2,2k+ rating that didn't even grab the shadowsight buff.

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