View Poll Results: Whats class do you play the most in Cataclysm?

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  • DeathKnight

    12 12.50%
  • Druid

    9 9.38%
  • Hunter

    8 8.33%
  • Mage

    9 9.38%
  • Paladin

    12 12.50%
  • Priest

    14 14.58%
  • Rogue

    5 5.21%
  • Shaman

    13 13.54%
  • Warlock

    3 3.13%
  • Warrior

    11 11.46%
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    Question What Class do you find yourself playing the most in Cataclysm?

    Curiousity awaits.

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    The Patient
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    Sep 2009
    The Netherlands
    Hunter. It was my first char, and will remain my main until I quit playing.

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    Mechagnome Sylann's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Simply walking into Mordor
    DK has been since day one of wrath will be till end of wow
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    Cat druid, getting a resto OS, but staying cat MS as thats what I do the best.

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    Stood in the Fire Caiden's Avatar
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    Georgia, USA
    Rogue, started him in early TBC as a human, and he remains my main into cata. (as a goblin!)

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    High Overlord Eluvium's Avatar
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    Nov 2010
    Balance Druid.... being my main.

    Really getting into Fire Mage though, it's tons of fun.

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    Started of with a new warrior tank, but ended going back to my ooh so beloved mage that I've had since vanilla release. Same thing happened in wotlk, started of with a dk but ended up on my mage. In tbc I relrolled a priest, and guess what... yup, I ended up on my mage then too.

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    Been my main since TBC and I'm still faithful.

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    Prot paladin, though I am toon hopping a lot until my guild starts raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mildennais View Post
    Prot paladin, though I am toon hopping a lot until my guild starts raiding.
    im in the same boat

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    i end up playing my DK since i can insta-q but i try to get on my hunter as much as possible.

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    Mechagnome Unoriginal's Avatar
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    Such User Name Wow!
    Dwarf rogue FTW, started him in wrath, became my main after a while killed my hunter and warrior, still have the dk.
    If rogue isnt screwed over in assassination next patch ill keep playing him, if we are hello enhance shaman.

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    Priest, been my main since TBC. Leveling a troll druid now but got sorta sick of him in northrend. Working on a protection tank as well, love it, but it's still in middle 40s range.

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    Priest since TBC My alts are arc mage and blood DK, but priests all the way!

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    Field Marshal Rarky's Avatar
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    Oct 2010
    See? I told you that Death Knight is everywhere and quit saying that no one plays them anymore. pffffffffft

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    Pit Lord Shamslam's Avatar
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    Hickville, Indiana
    My mage. Was shaman from Vanilla through WotLK and played the DK for most of WotLK, but the mage just piqued my interests more. Plus, I wanted guild first profs/85 and teleports made it ten times easier. Now that the whole farming heroics are worn off, I play all 3 about equally.
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    DK atm, because of their massive dmg output combined with the possibility to solo about 66% of the game's content xD
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    Enhancement shaman all the way

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    Still my druid (mainly balance, offspecced feral). Been my main since Vanilla, so not surprised there.

    Tried to level some alts, but can't really be arsed too much. Got a couple to level 30ish, but nothing which really interested me enough to continue higher.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dynati View Post
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    The Lightbringer Hextor's Avatar
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    Sep 2010
    Priest. Love all 3 specs. And I'm waiting for Retri to get back on track.
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