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    Best Vent wow Moment that you ever had

    The name say it all. This is about some funny Vent moment you had while raiding or just chilling around.
    So here we go ill start with this one that happened during our main icc 10 Heroic group.

    We were about to pull sindragosa when one of our dps wich was the guild leader start yelling in vent someone just go shot outside his house.
    So everyone on vent goes like ''Lol dude are you serious''... and so we got no answer until like 5 min later he finally came back and say ''There blood in the street and saw a guy running''. First thing that came to our mind was ''Are you serious someone just got shot outside and you just go out and see what happened'' and so we kinda lold the whole night about that and where he was living was pretty funny =P

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    had a guy get into our guild vent while we were raiding icc, when there was only 7 bosses avail. all he said was MICHAEL BAY EXPLOSION over and over and over, banned him 3 times he was changing ips, sneaky guy
    teh 1337

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    My friend told me back in AQ40 days during the bug tunnel triggered spawn (bugs continue to spawn and agro while you make your way down a tunnel) just as they were running into it and the bugs about to spawn he played the Benny Hill theme song over vent and hilarity ensued, everyone started running in different directions cause they were too busy laughing to run straight and they wiped

    I dunno I thought it was funny when I pictured it

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    My guild made a new lock sing "Im a little teapot" before they allowed him to come to Sunwell with us. It used to be on iTunes, dunno where It went.

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    Best vent moment was when I was singing "Viva La Vida", the entire song, for a good while.

    I think I sung some more too.
    Hey everyone

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    When my guild first started doing Black Temple, our GM said that when we killed him, he was make a rap for us, about us and the game. Long story short, we killed Illi and he spit an awesome rap 3-4min rap (most of it was free-style... yes, he is black). I had it recorded on my vent for the longest time, but I don't know where it went too. Best part of it was him flaming the dude who rage quit after he didn't get the Warglaive that had dropped.

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    My first raiding guild, way back in Vanilla WoW - Kaywarrior was our DPS warrior. After a billion Nef kills, Ashkandi finally dropped. He jerked off on vent. Literally jerked off while keyed in. Best moment ever.

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    Quote Originally Posted by synwyn View Post
    my first raiding guild, way back in vanilla wow - kaywarrior was our dps warrior. After a billion nef kills, ashkandi finally dropped. He jerked off on vent. Literally jerked off while keyed in. Best moment ever.

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    I think mine had to have been...when our old Guild Leader back on Maiev..was talking to his Parrot and he didn't know he was holding down the talk button for vent.

    Wonderful Ysera set by Aderianu of AHS

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    A few hours back in arena, one of arena mates' mum comes in all of a sudden and starts raging at the kid for smoking inside, at which moment my other arena partner said BRO U MAD, which enraged the mother even more. It was hilarious <3
    Quote Originally Posted by PalliePower View Post
    Hypothetically, if I had a lock, it's name would be Benafflock and I'd pay for my imp to be named Mattdemon

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    I havnt had many vent experiences but one time when I raided ICC this one guy in the group had a straight redneck accent.

    I mean horrible like he was outback in Louisana with some sweet tea playing WoW, I could barely understand him.

    I though it was pretty damn funny not just his voice but imagining some fat guy with a trucker hat, a beer and a flannel jacket sitting there raiding in wow. Seems oxymoron to me.

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    My favorite moment was when I was in our guild's vent channel with my two guildies who were running Zul'Farrak. One of them was a bit of a bigheaded jerk and was doing shots because WoW + Alcohol = Awesome. The jerk was pulling my friend through ZF and they got to the stairs, and jerk decided he was going to take the whole bottom mob because he was awesome.

    He got ruined. But what happened next was awesome. He must have had his headset on because the next thing we heard all over vent was the vengeful "BLUUUUUURRRRGH" of over drinking, followed by an "Oh GOD".

    Turns out he tossed his cookies all over his super expensive keyboard that he was bragging about for the better part of a month. I think he ruined it too, and I'd feel sorry for him if he wasn't such a bragger. :P

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    Our first kill of Archimonde pre-nerf.

    Literary had 24 other highly excited raiders scream into their mics at the same time.

    Good times.

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    I was in my very first successful raid guild that was able to clear all the raids out at the time. It had been about 5 months and I never said a word in Vent. I decided to download a voice changer program and use it to talk to my guild mates for the first time. I made my voice sound very high pitched, I could hardly hold in my laughs when I heard myself talk. So, comes raid night and I won some loot and scream "Ohhhh yeahhh"... Everyone just laughs..

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    Got banned during a sindragose attempt for trolling icc general.

    "linkin park is the worst band ever, hybrid theory was way better"

    Vent exploded i was mt

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    Haha, I've got a good one. Back during BC i used to be apart of a raiding guild that wasn't very successful at raiding anything. But long story short, the guild slowly started breaking apart and the gm literally cryed on vent because we were all leaving, everyone was just sitting there laughing at how serious he took it. He stopped playing the game after that.

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    back in molten core days, a bunch of people were talking nonsense in MC general chat. A druid in our guild proceeded to say some very offensive words. Our GM flipped on him as he thought that he was bringing a bad name to our guild, he asked "why would you write something like that?" to which he replies "it wasn't me, my cat stepped on my keyboard."

    We lol'd for the entire night, as well as several nights to follow.

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    I've got a couple good ones.

    One time I logged onto my friend's account right before a raid and added a script that played a murloc sound effect to his fury warrior's macros. There were about 4 murloc sounds in total. Everyone else in the raid knew what was up. All throughout the beginning trash he was shouting in vent over the background murloc sounds, telling us that his game is bugged and keeps playing murloc sounds. Comedy gold.

    The other time was back in BWL days during the technician trash packs. The melee was trying to run out of some mob's Rain of Fire, and some warlock just kept casting it over where ever we were.

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    Another one for me is when we died on Gruul with 1% left and we had some druid running and spamming moonfire lol.
    Hey everyone

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    this wasn't in wow, but another mmo. was playing ffxi doing dynamis with my ls (guild). dynamis = 3 hour long raid type thing.

    when someone on vent finds out that there's some chick from another server stripping and doing dynamis at the same time. we all go to this site and it completely ruins our run. was great though.

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