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    enhancement weapons

    I'm an enhancement shaman mainly doing pvp. but i got an issue with my damage. atm i'm using Calder's Coated Carrion Carver and Windslicer. I've been trying to get the fist weapon from first boss in stonecore but the wait time to join a wiping group is frustrating. Any tips would be much appreciated.

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    Tol Barad dailies, gather 85 Hellscreams Reach Commendations and get that axe. But keep trying for the mainhand in Stonecore.
    I was busy farming those commendations, was almost at 85 when that fist weapon dropped, then I kept doing those dailies a little more for the drake mount ^^

    Throne of the Tides and Grim Batol also drop some one handed weapons.

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    do arenas for the week. u will have 2 359s in no time.

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