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    Starting in pvp with a warlock

    There is any guide about this?

    How to start to get equipment and best spec for it?

    Thanks a lot!

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    To start getting equipment it would be a good idea to spend a lot of time doing random battlegrounds for honor and buying the blue gladiator gear. Once you get a good amount of pvp gear (it doesn't HAVE to be full pvp gear) you should start doing some arenas for conquest points. They work out great now, as you are awarded them as soon as you win and until you reach your weekly cap, and you can spend them as soon as you get them. I decided to get the wand for my warlock first, since it was the biggest upgrade and since pve wands are pretty scarce at the moment.

    For how to play the class, battlegrounds are the best way to get experience as you will be able to face a number of different classes in a number of different strategies. Practice, practice, practice.

    ArenaJunkies has some information specific to certain compilations in arenas. They have guides and interesting play tips dependent on what compilation the guide is for. They're good to read for information against specific compilations, or specific classes in general. Reading them is an invaluable resource if you're new to the class.
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    I see, thanks!

    Im still looking for a guide about locks pvp, i dont know anything about this :S

    Im doing Bgs as destro, dont know if is it good or not


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