When can you ever get an aimed shot off in pvp? hahahahaha
master marksman is honestly the most worthless talent, 60% chance that you MAY stack 1 of 5 charges off of a steady shot that you will rarely have a chance to get off in pvp, all within 30seconds to maintain the stack (which probably won't happen), all for minimal damage. Or you can cast the aimed shot for 3 seconds, hoping that they don't reach you or get out of range in time. Honestly, this aimed shot buff is just a fake "buff" for hunters, trying to say that they really fixed hunters, when they didn't.

1 hunter on BG9 2v2 ranked 143 with survival...cough.cough... which is getting nerfed, LOL
10 hunters on BG9 3v3 all survival, good luck staying there with the nerf
.....and oh yeah, no more monkey stun!!!!!

Raptor strike glyph?good one, let me know when i can put that into use
15% extra health? too bad the 5% buff were recieving is equal to 1 tick of corruption.