Just a quick post to get some opinions...

Firstly, I keep hearing that Blizzard are trying to involve BM more in pve, which in my opinion is a fail. MM and Surv have always been the choices for pve, and rightly so. That's not to say MM or surv don't work in pvp, however talent wise, BM has always had pvp written all over it. Why change that?

One of the reasons i've always used BM is because unlike some, i recognize that the spec emphasizes on being self reliant. By that i mean it favors towards looking after one's self in a pvp situation/environment as opposed to being a sitting duck that does more damage. One of the changes, that in my opinion totally destroyed the tradition of BM and BM as a whole, was nerfing the anti CC of BW - a major mistake. Think about it, Blizzard programmers - it's supposed to be an enrage ability. It wasn't enough for it to only last 10 secs and be mitigated in one way or another by almost every class... you had to take away it's 1 saving grace. Now, with all the cc, stuns, mitigation you are up against... it's very rare to be able to make use of BW in pvp. You are simply be stunned/sheeped/feared/played around with, during it's whole effect - not much of an enrage ability huh? It is now, simply a trink. Why change this traditionally awesome ability in favor of making it more viable for pve? - it certainly wasn't overpowered in arena or pvp, so that must be the reason why you did it. Yes yes i understand that people QQ'd to high heaven about it because they wasted their precious stun cd (well the "lesser" ones did anyway), but trust me an "enrage affect" should be an "enrage affect". All you've done actually, is simply dilute the awesomeness and principles of what the spec stood for, and not make it particularly attractive enough to be pve viable. Keep BM a solely pvp spec (or strongly maintain it's pvp design)!

Secondly, and more briefly - my opinion on Camouflage:

seemingly a pvp ability... one that's only use is at the start of an arena match - a bit of a waste isn't it? I say this because other than at the start, you cannot get camouflage on at all for the rest of the match, rendering it nearly useless. It's the pet that keeps the hunter in combat, making macros to get out of combat and use it, useless (even though the ability lights seemingly indicating that you can now use it). So fix this! Make it so only the hunter has to get out of combat so you can actually use it skillfully during a pvp situation!

Oh, and more damage plox (well for BM anyway) - cuz it still feels like hitting a lump of iron with a plastic bb gun. But my main points are above! ^


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...just as i though, no interest or blue post on this matter becausy blizzard don't give a flying f*** about pvp, and even less about the lone hunter BM spec.