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    Greatest teamplay games?

    So, what is in your oppinion the greatest teamplay game of all time? You can also mention what games you expect to have great teamplay wich havent been released yet.
    Im actually looking for a game to play with some friends and challenge other players in matches.
    Mostly looking for FPS games but if you have any other you would like to share, the do it

    Sorry for my crap english, obviously not from england or the states, and its really late at night.


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    For FPS, the most modern one is Battlefield Bad Company 2, no questions asked. Halo Reach requires teamwork on the team based gametypes, but there are solo game types. Black Ops can be solo'd on all gametypes.

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    Teamplay FPS? Natural Selection

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    Team Fortress beats all of them hands down!
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    Heroes of Newerth , without a good teamplay you wont win many games.

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    I have thought about both TF2 and HoN, but what i really dont like about HoN is that I have to buy stuff for actaul money to be competitive ( please correct me if im wrong). would really like to try that game

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    Tf2 is lots of fun

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    HoN is the game that requires the best teamwork out of any game ive played

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