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    Start hunting. Lol.

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    I'd just play a ton of Guilty Gear and Blazblue, keeping contact with friends on WoW via an IM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stockli View Post
    Lol this made me laugh, yeh i would probably do this!
    This made ME laugh "probably"........

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    Other games. I'd buy DCUO and continuously look for new games to try. Also APB:Reloaded when it launches up - loved APB before it went down and looking forward to the return.

    I'm sick of Warcraft right now - all I do is raid and I enjoy little else in the game. So I'm always exploring new options anyways, and the shutdown would pretty much mean I have 12 hours in a week I don't have to raid as I'm offline the rest of the time.

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    i would have a tough decision whether to find another game to addict myself to or try and get a life

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    i would probably try to get a life =D

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    When i read the thread title the first thing that popped into mind was; Mass Suicide.

    However, now that i see it a question what id presonally do, id get a second job.

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    As an addict I would most like force 9 of my closest friends to help me with my depression, starting by forming a raid group on Morrisons Supermarket, I would still wear my headset and we would mount up on our wheelie computer chairs, I'd fashion some armor out of cereal boxes and attack with spells by throwing darts (they are super effective).

    I would be the only one with recount and DBM, I would also have a speakerphone and force out farts at will (sometimes via the speaker phone) - I would be top DPS each time and chastise my friends about their slacking, /slapping Charlie for breaking the sheep (any man/mob with a fluffy jacket).

    I would be the master looter and take all the loot for myself, when the GMs come to take it away from me I'd kick them in the nuts but probably get pepper sprayed by another GM, tackled to the floor and have my chair suspended.

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    "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful"

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    I like the real life Idea

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    I would just play more Heroes of Newerth. Before Cata came out i didn't play much besides of HoN...
    Ah and i would play more Diablo 2 (Median XL!) till D3 comes out.

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    xbox here i come, or maybe the outside.

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    I'd get more work done that's for sure.

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    i would log in to starcraft II and wait till they put wow back up
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    Accept my boyfriend's proposal.

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    I'd try to get a life and fail the mission.

    But I would also run around yelling "I am free from it's grasp!! My will is my own!!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ketzil View Post
    never play another mmo again. And actually accomplish something with my life
    This ... WoW is very time consuming, so I'd just start moving further outside my door than I usually do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
    End of WoW would equal end of MMOs for me.
    i think i would start a new "career" in starcraft2 or black ops. or maybe i would play just single player in any other game but definitely no new MMO. never!. but i'm sure we will sill have wow for a lot of years
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    I'd try out this "real life" thing that's been going on now for some time. I hear it's all the rage. Hehe, get it? Rage? AS in--- *cough* I'll stop.

    No, seriously, I wouldn't do much. I'd give a few other MMO's a try. Wait for SW: ToR and give that a whirl. Maybe DC Universe. Wait for Mass Effect 3 for the 'Box. <shrugs> Loads of things to try out. I might even step outside for a spell! (get it? Spell - Okay! okay! put the knife down!)

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    "I will be forever free of the World known as "World of Warcraft" and no longer be gnome-punted!

    I would most likely be out having one hell of a time at a party every week (instead of twice a month).

    On a side note, I think World of Warcraft will remain for a long time even if the population keeps falling - Yes, some heroics are hard at first, and yes druids cannot (as of the current PTR) escape roots and everybody gets nerfed and boosted every single patch. But all I can say is "That's the World of Warcraft that you play"

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