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    I'd shake my head at the horrible business decision then load up New Vegas.
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    Front newspaper reads "Suicide rate increases by 10 folds in January 2011"

    I would probably quit MMOs and concentrate fully on my studies.
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    post in random topics while not playing it...oh wait...

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    force 2k to make a borderlands MMO because lets face it borderlands is freaking awesome and if Titan is anything like it sweet jesus I'm excited. well that or develop my own mmo, u know hire some cheap workers in china and reap the financial benefit.

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    Make Blizzard turn the servers on again by just requesting.
    With millions of players.

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    If Blizzard were to shut down WoW tomorrow, you would hear the screams of millions across the internet suddenly cut off at once.

    Seriously though, I would probably take a more serious look into other hobbies I've been eyeing (Wine making and sewing I'm looking at you.)

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    Right now? I would finish all the games I'd bought in Steam Christmans sales. (Devil May Cry 4, Darksiders and Mass Effect 2)

    As a general answer, I would probably go back to MOBA's. The gamers community of League of Legends makes me really mad (if you think LFD sucks, try to solo queue in League of Legends... you'll regret forever), so I would probably go for Demigod until they release DotA 2.

    Also, with SFvT and MvC3 coming out, maybe I'd buy a PS3 and dedicate in fighting games again. I miss my KoF '98 age =P.

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    under your bed
    WoW is the only mmo for me i dont want to waste my time again on something else

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    I'd just find another game I enjoy, no matter what platform it's on.

    I've been enjoying MMOs since 1997

    Ultima Online, EverQuest, Lineage, City of Heroes, EverQuest II, World of Warcraft are the ones I've had active subscription.

    I've also tried a few betas, from Auto Assault (which never made it out) to Lego Universe, including Anarchy Online and of course Cataclysm Beta.

    No matter what kind of game it is, I always seem to find something I like in it. And by the way, even though I know this particular thread isn't about a game being the end of WoW, but every time I see this I laugh.

    Ultima Online has been out since 1996, and it's still running. EverQuest has been out since 1999 and it's still running. Neither of those ever had ANYWHERE CLOSE to the user base WoW currently has, so trust me, there's NOTHING in the near future that will kill WoW.

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    I would ask for more sandwitches.

    And.. Find something else to play. Maybe wait for Guildwars 2, Rift or Blade And Soul(<3).

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    I wouldn't play any other games. And my grades might just go up. ;]

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    id enjoy the forums and all the massive hate

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    start to turn on my ps3 i VERY rarely use. and ive had it for 5 years
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    Wherever Uncle Sam puts me.
    Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic
    Rift - Planes of Telara

    Those are the ones I would check out

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    I'd go back to the Xbox crowd, get a new harddrive, soem new games and Xbox Live
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    actually no i wouldnt be on the forums id be in jail for trying to punt gnome like people

    I am the Warrior. Death is my business. Be it yours...or mine.

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    Wait for D3 and spend a lot more money on entertainment than I should while waiting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zethras View Post
    I'd buy Rift, it looks like a good game, been watching the beta footage from Jesse Cox.
    The classes remind me a TON of how classes were set up in Shadowbane. (You pick a sub class and then branch out). However you cant put stats whereever you want to while lvln up etc. LOVED that aspect of SB.

    Has anyone heard much about PvP in Rift?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ketzil View Post
    never play another mmo again. And actually accomplish something with my life

    I'd react with a simple "okey..", miss it a little.. then go on like it never happened.
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    I would pickup my starcraft II account again and starting pwning again

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