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    wtb snow.

    What if Blizzard shut down WoW.

    As the title said it, what if blizzard shut down WoW (note this is a "what if" question).
    What would you do?

    I would buy DC universe and try it out and just watch Netflix as well as going on with the everyday life.

    (Pardon if there is already a thread)
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    Acherus is my home.
    I'd buy Rift, it looks like a good game, been watching the beta footage from Jesse Cox.
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    where the wild things are
    never play another mmo again. And actually accomplish something with my life
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    Lots of gears of war 2, counting the days till gears 3 comes out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nautik View Post
    End of WoW would equal end of MMOs for me.
    I would spend my time on Wii, Xbox and other PC stuff instead.

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    I'd be even more excited about SW:ToR.

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    I'd quit playing everything. Probably watch alot more series on my computer but that would be it i guess, except some CS:S on LAN occassionally

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    I'd probably start investing more money into Anime and console games .. that's for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ketzil View Post
    never play another mmo again. And actually accomplish something with my life
    I registered on MMO-Champion, and all I got was this lousy signature...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ketzil View Post
    never play another mmo again. And actually accomplish something with my life
    Lol this made me laugh, yeh i would probably do this!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneglzilla View Post
    I'd be even more excited about SW:ToR.
    same here dude

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    there will be pvp private servers...

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    Probably wait for their new mmorpg, Titan xD

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    Would probably play some more console games.

    Thanks to Stanton Biston for the amazing sig!

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    I would wait for Diablo 3 and in the meanwhile I would fly around with awesome remote control helicopters. <3

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    I would demand my money back

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    I'd play a lot more company of heroes & dawn of war 2 with my guildies, maybe even some L4D2.
    Its nice being in a guild of gamers, not just a guild of wow gamers.

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    Wait for SWTOR... so pretty much the same thing I'm doing now.

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    I would run through the streets yelling I AM FREE FREEEEEEEE!
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    I would probably try DC Universe, it looks quiet fun.

    After sobbing for a few weeks looking back to all the memories.

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