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    Quote Originally Posted by Rukah View Post
    Effective grammer is the difference between:

    Helping your uncle jack off a horse


    Helping your uncle, Jack, off a horse.
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    there are
    people in my
    guild that always
    seem to press
    enter after two
    or three letters.
    That really gets
    on my fucking tits.

    With grammar and what not, if it's really bad and you can't understant it, I'll try and point it out in a decent manner. Usually I get a load of "gtfo, this isn't an englosh leson" or some shit. But when someone says they want to play "raped BG's" thats where I just don't even bother.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toho View Post
    US supported both sides of the war, yes both Nazi and Allies were being supplied by the US until when US joined the war and the people who had invested in the Nazis were called "traitors"
    I don't think the 'US' supported both sides of the war, but the American Banking interests did. Although, you could say that would be who runs the show anyway. /shrug

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    ... I live in Texas and I have seen a TON of climate change in ONE day ...
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