Thread: demo for DCUO?

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    demo for DCUO?

    like the title says.. is there a demo or trial out for DC:universe online?

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    there isnt... yet... but im seriously considering buying it... may not be as good as wow... but its definitely a lot of fun... so many class/weapon/movement combinations... not to mentioned to costumization of looks

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    Look at it this way. You buy it and you will get 30 days free. That should be long enough to get your moneys worth.

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    ya what if i dont like it... then thats like me buying a one month for $50, i think ill pass. lol

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    Right if you going to buy it for console, and intend to kick back on the sofa and play off your massive telly then, its great fun..

    But if you looking for an MMO (Well there is similarities to wow, as in gear, bank, other beings that are not NPC running about) then this isn't a very good one..its feels more like co-op then MMO, the chat is non-existent really...and I need a mouse can't click people you have to hit a key to open a tab etc etc and that is with everything..

    OK there is 4 mobs in wow mouse over them - you can then select which one you need kill that and be on with your business, this you cant as there isn't any HUD or on screen interaction with your surrounding, so you just have to fly over and use another key to lock target or just attack everything, and as you attack the game kinda takes over does the work for you..

    I I'm Ice and A tank. too chose tank stance its not as easy as clicking the button with the shield I need to press f1 then chose it...

    The reason wow works so well, Its isn't the lore or gear its because of the organic open style game play, you feel in total control of your avatar, in this game you don't..

    The game itself is fun and kinda addictive..but it could have been so much better if they had added more interaction with the on screen HUD, you don't even get a clock

    And it begs belief that such a great and fun game, is hindered by a few simple problems, its like the programmers never played an MMO..

    So verdict. fun Console Game

    Furthermore , logged on today .. chat message reads server shutting down in 10 minutes..10 minutes server shut down with no reason why..then 3 hours later they came back on, no explanation or news nowt, also when I get disconnected or lose connection the game just closes lol
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    Sant, you press T to change stance

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