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    Unhappy Mirror images have less IQ than my Cat

    Had an interesting day yesterday, filled with OH SHIT and OMGAWD RUN! My mirror images kept attacking un-aggroed groups despite the fact i had already bombarded the focus group with fireballs and living bomb spells.

    1. Group A was pulled, i sheep one, living bomb the main target, pyroblast and add in a mirror image. the images turn around and pull group B, way off behind us (40+ yards away)... screams of terror ensue, anarchy takes over, pants are soiled
    AI fail.
    2. Duel begins, start with living bomb, scorch then mirror image before i begin my running around with scorch. Mirror images turn around, attack an NPC, who is quietly minding its own business... NPC aggro, screaming like a girl at a twilight premiere, wetting of pants
    AI fail.

    why do mirror images attack non-aggroed groups and not the group im smacking with fireballs? whats going on?


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    I don't know, my cat is pretty good at world of warcraft.
    I just zone into battlegrounds, bind every key to ice lance and then let him roll around on the keyboard.
    Or maybe not, if only it really was that simple ):

    But yeah the only real way is to make sure you're pretty close to your target and have already cast spells at it, and even then (as you have demonstrated) that doesn't always work.
    I'd reccomend just saving it as a threat dump in PvE, not really any way around it in PvP other than being very careful while dueling.

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    they are bugged. i think blizzard knows.

    if there are trash in the room of a boss i have to keep mirrors in my pockets

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    Cats are actually pretty damn smart.

    Quote Originally Posted by Farahawnee View Post
    Not having an authenticator on your account is like not locking your windows because your front door is locked, and then wondering how a burglar got in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by reysharks View Post
    if there are trash in the room of a boss i have to keep mirrors in my pockets
    Is that a Mirror in your pocket or-- you know what, nevermind.

    Yeah, they do seem to get into quite a bit of trouble these days.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rampantsoto View Post
    Once Vin Diesel is an adult I will feed him more than just crickets

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    I think your underestimating your cat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Imnick View Post
    I don't know, my cat is pretty good at world of warcraft.
    I just zone into battlegrounds, bind every key to ice lance and then let him roll around on the keyboard.
    i love you.

    i've seen this alot in Stone core before the shatter guy. mage MI going berzerk. forcing us to clear the entire room each time.. i dont mind tho, more rep.

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    I love watching mages pop them on the Ozruk fight in Stonecore. 90% of the time the trash before the boss is never cleared and the MI's go and grab them. Fun times
    We are WARRIORS man! If we can't make it bleed, we will sure as hell dent the f%^ck out of it!

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    Save your Mirror Image for when you need to get rid of some aggro without losing downtime.
    It's only a very minor DPS increase, so it's more of an aggro hiding cooldown than one you need for DPS.

    Using this over Invisibility is a DPS increase of course, but you might still have to use Invisibilty after that. ^^

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    Quote Originally Posted by reysharks View Post
    they are bugged. i think blizzard knows.

    if there are trash in the room of a boss i have to keep mirrors in my pockets

    Mhm. I don't use my mirror images unless its a boss we're dealing with. No unwanted pulls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigfoot1291 View Post
    Cats are actually pretty damn smart.

    Cats are very smart animals

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    unless you are silly enough to still be wearing 4pct10......
    dont bother using them at all apart from boss fights, they are just too weak to be worth it
    or if you pull aggro on multiple trash (just one, kite and sheep) and all ur other abilities are on CC (nova, RoF, iceblock....)
    id rather pop invis/manashiled and take a hit, giving time for the tank to taunt, than pop my Massively Inbreds and let them aggro the world >_<

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    omg the title of this post made me rofl irl

    but seriously, we had a mage in our group in Stonecore and his mirror images kept pulling extra mobs, so I know what you mean, really frustrating
    \m/ ( >.< ) \m/

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    It's understandable that a programmed clone of another programmed entity is less smart than a cat, which are pretty smart animals at that.

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    You made a claim that cats are stupid. Thus doomed your thread to fail.

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    What kind of cat? This is important.

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    Mirror Images have the same iq as it requires to play a mage. everyone should just reroll mage and get gladiator.

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    I knew coming here that this thread would end up being about cats, and I wasn't disappointed

    OT: I don't play a mage so I can't say for sure but could you not make a macro that would call your images and automatically get them targeting your target? This is what I have to do for my Shadowfiend who seems to be on strike most of the time.

    I think it would literally be as simple as /cast Mirror Images /petattack but I don't know for sure

    Edit: Seems this would not work because they are not pets they are guardians, which I guess makes sense when some mages already have a pet. I feel for you guys then, if I couldn't control my Shadowfiend I would go insane!
    Last edited by Tsjb; 2011-01-13 at 06:00 PM.

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    ^They aren't considered "Pets", guardians, and its not that clear on what they're going to attack.

    Not only on heroics, in BWD OmnitronDefense system, I pop them when I change targets with golems (i.e Arcanotron--> Toxitron *pop MI* And they keep attacking Arcanotron, LoL).

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    Quote Originally Posted by junoreactors View Post
    Mirror images have less IQ than my dead Cat

    Cats are actually pretty smart, and nowhere near as dumb as a few lines of bugged programming.

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