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    Does a mortal strike type ability reduce amount absorbed?

    Example: On Halfus with slate we get a stacking debuff that applies a mortal strike type buff. Do shields absorb the same amount during that debuff or are they effected by the mortal strike?

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    Though I have no concrete proof, I am almost certain that MS effect does not alter the amount absorbed by PWS. It might affect DA because the absorb DEPENDS on healing, but PWS has a pre-determined amount. This is usually what made disc so competitive in wrath pvp, as well as a few other healing-restricted fights such as Loatheb and..other things I cant think of currently.

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    (its also what made disc so OP in TBC, though almost every healer, save holy, was immortal back then)
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    Ok. We're just having a little trouble on Halfus with a Storm, Time and Slate combo. I was thinking of specing into disc for shields to help ease healing when they get a few stacks.

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    No, healing done reduced on a target does NOT lower your shields absorption amount.
    However, do notice, that the healing debuff still reduces healing done, so healing will not
    be easyier, you are just buying some time! Which is good anyway.
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    Time is what we need during that. Plus a pain suppression added in there wouldn't hurt

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bloodystump View Post
    Ok. We're just having a little trouble on Halfus with a Storm, Time and Slate combo. I was thinking of specing into disc for shields to help ease healing when they get a few stacks.
    If you are on 25s just make your life easy and pull Storm and Time with 4 tanks. Have 1 tank hold time, have 1 hold storm and have two alternate on halfus when they get higher stacks. Use a 3 tank rotation between storm and haflus is you need to /shrug.

    Pulling time is a big reduction in damage to everyone, including tanks when your raid can, well... DODGE!

    The slate stun effect is nice during p2 since it can cause him to cancel furious roar in the middle, but it doesn't do nearly as much to reduce damage in take as popping the time warden and dodging the freaking fireballs =p

    As for disc... PW:shield doesn't absorb hardly anything on live, just play what you are more comfortable with and browbeat your tanks to tank swap better if their stacks are getting too high.

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    we're doing 10s. Right now we're just pulling time, killing him, then pulling storm, killing him, then pulling slate, ignoring him and dpsing the boss.

    We almost got it down, but really needed some absorb or damage reduction for a sec.

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    The way my guild does that combo:

    Pull storm so people can interrupt shadow nova. Once he's down, get time warden out for avoiding the fireballs. Then finally pull slate and we also kill it.
    People find it unnecessary to kill all three drakes but it lightens damage on the tanks a whole lot. Plus having a third drake up while a tank is stunned can hurt a LOT.

    You just need to have tanks who are fast at tank swapping for the MS. I'm a feral tank for our 10 mans and we one shot em when we do the set up like that.

    Good luck on your kill!

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    It reduces healing. Absorb is not healing, absorb is absorb.
    No, they're not affected.

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    Downed him last night. We had 2 holy priests and a Holy Paly. Two of our normal healers didn't show up so we brought what we could. Given the fact we had 2 holy priests, we decided to pull time first because our raid heals were enough to handle the shadow novas. Popped BL and burned time. Then we burned shadow, kept slate up and killed Halfus without any issues. I just hate that combo.

    I'm still interested in trying out disc with the changes though. I've always been a fan of preventative damage and shields. (was disc all of wotlk)

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