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    Too much Flashing, GH. Is he a tank healer?

    Overall, he doesn't have TOO bad HPS. I just wouldn't use that much Flash Heal.

    From 25man I know that it's not a very spiky boss for tanks; so no Flashes are needed, maybe only a few GH to assist tank healing, but Heal's are better. Unless the raid ignores the debuffs and takes massive dmg, remaining in 10% and forcing him to use Flashes on you.

    ALSO! No Lightwell? WTF? He isn't using it or you are not clicking it? It's maybe the best tool the holy priests have at this moment. Tons of heals for LOW mana costs that doesn't require GCDs. :/

    In 6 minutes he should have been done like 500k healing only with the lightwell. :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by kai zayin View Post
    I'll start of by saying my main is a Warlock and I have have next to no idea how healing works. My guildy Holy Priest who is geared in nearly full heroic gear with some epics has been healing our raids for a while and nearly every fight seems to consist of vent being filled with the word Innervate. Now, he claims that Holy Priests are designed to use all their mana then regenerate it multiple times in a fight. Is he retarded? Let me know what you all need to know in order to let me know.

    Thanks in advance.
    As a priest you have 90% (80% on PTR) mana erg in combat, so you dont need to stop healing for mana regen. Holy priests have a lot of diferent healing spells, adn you have to use the right one. As long as no target has really low HP, use a long effective heal and so on.
    Also the healing well is pretty awesome when your raid knows to use it.

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    Look at his over healing (except from EoL)

    Sounds like he's doing it wrong if he's the only healer screaming for innervate... I have pulled some pretty high HPS numbers raid healing without having mana issues because I don't over heal and I don't even care about meters

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    I wouldn't say he's doing it wrong. I would say there is room for improvement.

    Gearwise he's doing okay. He really should chant his shoulders though, and get a better trinket than Tears of Blood, DMC: Tsunami is a better and easily obtainable. Why is he wearing green sandals? Even the Ramkahen exalted epic dps caster feet reforged will be better than those.

    I will say he is glyphed wrong. Completely wrong. Divine Accuracy and Smite glyph are unused and he's missing a 3rd major glyph. There are better Prime Glyphs for efficiency as well.

    The most efficient heal a Holy priest has right now is Lightwell. It is a beast and EVERY holy priest should be dropping and redropping when its out of charges and all raid members should be clicking that thing. It accounts for about 1/3 of our holy priests healing on most any raid dmg heavy fight. It has a huge range and clicking it doesn't make you lose your target. Heal should also be making up far more of your Holy Priests healing than it does. On average I would say 14 is way too high of a number and it should be about half that, unless your other healers are underperforming.

    The logs are a bit confusing in some instances. Do you have him tank healing?

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    I just looked at his combat log, and a few things stand out to me:

    Flash Heal: 10.7% of healing
    Holy Word: Serenity: 0.7% of healing

    Prayer of Healing: 33.4%
    Prayer of Mending: 8.1%
    Lightwell: not used

    Firstly, this priest is using Flash Heal waaaayyyyy too much. That is why he's going oom too quickly. Period. If you can only give one piece of advice from this forum, please let it be that Flash Heal is only an "oh sh*t" heal, and should never be used frequently (unless you are getting a ton of SoL procs that allow Flash Heal to be cast mana-free). In comparison, HW: Serenity is barely used in this log. Serenity is a great heal for mana efficiency, and should certainly be used more often than Flash Heal to heal the tank.

    Second, I see that Prayer of Healing is being used much, much more than Prayer of Mending. Both are good spells, but PoH is a little mana-intensive. PoM should be kept on CD because it's one of our best multi-target heals for the mana cost. Use PoM more than PoH, and your mana will last a little longer.

    Finally, WHERE'S THE LIGHTWELL? Lightwell is by far your best spell for healing efficiency. Please look at the tables at Elitist Jerks under the Theorycrafted Spell Values and Stat Weightings table:

    Singe-target heals in units of (heals/mana):
    HW: Serenity: 11 <--- VERY GOOD
    Renew: 5.99
    Heal: 5.81
    Binding Heal: 5.81
    Greater Heal: 5.7
    Flash Heal: 3.74 <--- VERY BAD

    AoE Heals in units of (heals/mana):
    Lightwell: 47.81
    Prayer of Mending: 15.03
    Prayer of Healing: 11.50
    Circle of Healing: 8.10

    Let me reiterate an important point: All other spells, around 10-15 healing/mana at best. Lightwell = a whopping 47.81 healing per mana. There is absolutely no excuse not to use a Lightwell, especially since you don't even have to be next to it to click anymore (you must be within 40 yards of the LW now).

    TLDR Version: Use HW: Serenity more than Flash Heal, use Prayer of Mending more often, and for god's sake put down a Lightwell. These will go a long way to helping your healer's mana efficiency.

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    BTW, I also recommend this chart from one of the other MMO Champion forums on Holy Priest healing. It is meant to be a guide, not a dictation, but it may help clarify spell priority for your healer.

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    OP: Depends.

    If everyone is taking silly amounts of damage, he has to use flash heal a lot. Which can turn the best of us oom in less than 20 seconds. That would not be his fault. It's a problem of the raid. I usually spam flash heal like crazy on most trash pulls. Because trash is crazy damage at times. Luckily, the crazy part rarely last more than 20 seconds before things die and damage levels stabilize.

    If damage levels are normal, then flash heal shouldn't be used much. And conversely, mana shouldn't be that tight. As long as you use cooldowns, of course. Holy priests perform really well right now simply due to having more mana than the average healer. It means we can cast more big heals, where other healers are running of fumes.

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    As others have said, it looks like his spell selection is poor. He might need to use Flash Heal, but considering he's the only one begging for Innervates, I'd guess he probably is using it when he should rely more on his fellow healers to help with the triage.

    Also, as others have mentioned, his gearing, gemming, and glyphs are all off. Why no CoH glyph? Why is he not specced for Lightwell? Why are his shoulders unenchanted? Why is he using the Spirit/Crit Meta and not the Int/Mana Meta? Why is he gemming with a Spirit priority? He has a ton of Crit on his gear that should be reforged to more useful stats, particularly Haste since he's not picking up Darkness. He's fully specced out for Renew (through Rapid Renewal), yet doesn't reach the Haste minimum to make it worth the mana to cast and doesn't have the glyph for it either. In short, it really looks like his gearing, spec, and glyphs aren't really well thought out.

    But, really, other than a few subpar pieces (mostly the boots and the trinket), he's got the gear to be performing just fine in raids without problems. It just seems to me that he just doesn't really know what he's doing.

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    I can't view his gear as it isn't loading for me, but PoH is his top heal which is usually the case with the damage in raids it makes that our strongest heal.

    He's using too much flash heals, i only use it if SoL procs, and way too much renew spam, that will be what's making him always asking for innervates, next patch renew will be better but atm if i spam it, with 2.5k spirit and 3.5k regen i go oom fast.

    He's also not using Heal enough by the looks of things, i use that alot in raids it not only is good with chakra serenity but it also is good to gain regen back because it costs so little mana.
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