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    If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be?

    For me, there's a lot of places that I'd like to see but I have always wanted to visit Norway. I've been in love with the country ever since I was 13 and saw the winter olympics in Lillehammer. (yeah, I just told you all how old I am, didn't I:P) The beautiful countryside, the fjords, the stave churches, I could go on and on it all looks so amazing to me.

    So what about all of you, if you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? Please keep this thread friendly and respectful, no need to flame anyone.

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    If I had to pick one place it would be Hong Kong

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    i wanna visit the top of mount everest : / if i ever some day grow older and somehow get the funds to waste time doing this i prolly will take the challenge
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    If you've ever seen the program Top Gear, i want to do what they did in Vietnam. They drove moto bikes 1000 miles across the country. I want to do that some day, hopefully when i hit 30-40 years old. The place looked amazing, beautiful mountains, towns, and resorts.

    Another place i would like to travel is Hong Kong, Tokoyo etc.
    Also somewhere in the USA, a state with a huge skateboarding scene.
    Sucks to live in rainy ol' England.

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    Australia & New Zealand for me. Hopefully in a year or two I will be able to afford it and have the time available to be down there for a week or two.

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    I'd love to visit Australia to visit some of my Aussie friends. But the one place I really want to go to is Paris.
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    Anywhere on the world...hmmm

    Well I really wanna visit New York but I'm probably going to be doing that sooner or later so that's not 'anywhere in the world' for me.

    I'd have to saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy.... all over Europe. I really just need to go there over Summer. I've been seeing it for years and stayed in London for one night on my way to the US from half way around the world. I really need to just go there. I KNOW it'll be as beautiful as everyone and everything makes it out to be.
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    Ibiza. no competition.

    nd to choose were to live, UK, i hate how the US is crappy compared to the UK (music, tv shows, etc) and we're materialistic n shit.
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    nd to choose were to live, UK, i hate how the US is crappy compared to the UK (music, tv shows, etc) and we're materialistic n shit.
    That's why I don't watch television or listen to music outside Pandora. >>;

    I'd like to tour Europe one day. France and Germany in particular to see if I could dig up some of my heritage.

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    New Zealand. I want to visit the set of Edoras from Lord of the Rings (that's my geek speaking). I was amazed by how beautiful of a country it was in general; I'd love to visit!

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    Germany during Oktoberfest

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    iceland. dont know EXACTLY why but...

    also i like to to make some rather long voyages:

    germany - denmark - scandinavia - finnland - russia - every single country between russia and germany - back home

    same goes for:
    america (greenland - canada - usa - ... - south)
    asia (tailand - japan - china - vietnam - korea - nepal - etc, no specific order)
    africa (south cape only. single time vacation)

    these are my prime spots for grand touring the world (someday ... when im rich).

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    Most of the well known US States + Austrailia + South Africa
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    The Artic ocean, just so i can touch it. It's the only ocean i haven't stepped foot in.

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    that is a hard question i live in north america

    south america: rich in history with amazing monuments nice thick jungles
    africa: beautiful land and lots possible to help the locals
    europe: unique cultures with beautiful landscapes in some areas
    asia: unique history unique landscape unique buildings
    austrailia: once again very unique. not so strong in history but just an amazing difference from north america

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    South Africa or the UK look very interesting... SA for the animals and national parks and UK for looks and history i guess , already been to the USA (California, Denver, NYC, and Hawaii) and if any 1 reading this Thread thats planning on coming to (Brisbane; Australia) NOW ... we have just experiance the worst floods in Australian history...

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    Um, I'd really like to go to Sweden, Norway and Canada. If I had to pick 1 it would probably be Canada because I'm a big ice hockey fan and I live in Australia so not much ice hockey

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