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    [WA] Enemies in Pet Range


    So I have this WA: https://pastebin.com/8R4sGeXg It triggers if there is at least 1 enemy within 8 range of me. However I was wondering if its possible to instead trigger if there is at least 1 enemy in range of my PET (instead of fme). I have no idea if anything like that is possible, thats why I ask it here

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    Range is normally figured by using a spell you have and seeing if it castable (ie within range) not sure the same ability is setup for pets because I know when I use Kill Command on hunter the spell it always usable even if out of range (the pet will just run toward the target if not in range when cast)

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    Yeah I thought so. Well I found somehow a solution: https://pastebin.com/5myykTvq

    This will show an icon if beast cleave is active and hits a target (since beast cleave doesnt hit its primary target it will show as soon as it hits 1 target). Right now it will hide after 2 seconds. This is where I need help. Can anyone make an untrigger, that the icon will hide as soon as beast cleave doesnt hit a target when beast cleave is active. So I know I have to stop using Multi-Shot

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    I found this
    It's not exactly what you are looking for but maybe the code can help you

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