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I should mention that the druid I mention was tank healing, thus lifebloom being higher.

I think the general consensus seems to be: don't use more than one druid healer in 10 man.
As Holy I found my HPS to be much lower than when tank healing and was always on the bottom versus raid healing. Our druid is fine and I wouldn't want to lose the brez. Honestly though, I think you all are looking at the wrong metrics. Pure HPS is not important like it was in WotLK. When judging a healer you need to do a lot more work than look at one tab on recount. Look at over healing. If effective healing is low but over healing is higher then you have to figure out why. Perhaps it's a wrong spell issue, or poorly timed right spells. Perhaps the healing assignment causes it (tank spam regardless of health), perhaps it's a lack of understanding on who is going to get hit with incoming damage (pre-hotting the wrong players).

Of course maybe, just maybe, the Pallys and Holy Priests are sniping their heals with burst healing placed on top of hotted players who would have been effectively healed just fine by the Druid. This is bad bad bad in many ways. Lack of communication and lack of healing assignments will lead to wasted mana, going oom and wipes. This can't necessarily be blamed on the lowest HPS healer, it may in fact be caused by the highest HPS healer or someone near the top.

Large sustained HPS requires lots of damage so that you always have something to heal. Even better if the damaged players are always yours that you are assigned to heal, then you better darn well have the highest HPS. Healers who are assigned to heal awesome players have less damage to heal. Their HPS or effective healing has no bearing on their prowess, it's the skills of their targets.

Maybe your raid has no assigned healing at all, and it's anything goes. That is very bad. The burst/smart heals will always win unless you are on a constant aoe "aura" type damage fight. No assignments means that a healer will invariably focus on a group (self-assignment) and if someone else already self-assigned to the same group let the fastest and biggest and smartest heals win.

Measuring healing effectiveness for your raid is going to take a lot more work than looking at "effective healing" in recount.