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    Holy PvE and Disc Pvp

    Hey guys, this is my first thread and i just thought i'd share that I think I will stay Holy as my pve spec after this next patch and start Disc back up for pvp. Just curious what other priests were going to spec for pve and pvp after this next patch. I would post all the pros and cons of the changes in each spec but im sure most of you guys already know the changes....and I dont really feel like it.

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    PVE: Holy
    PVP: Holy

    Disc has lost something for me. I don't know what it is, but Holy's just.. so... hot.
    Because it translates well in text.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skinner View Post
    PVE: Holy
    PVP: Holy

    Disc has lost something for me. I don't know what it is, but Holy's just.. so... hot.
    ^ This

    Holy brings a lot of control to arena or battlegrounds, Chastise is AMAZING especially if you're against a hamstring class, and by timing it well, with Body and Soul you can get some distance on your opponent, and after the patch possibly kite a warrior ! Although Holy is very squishy in 3v3/5v5 I'm still gonna stick with it into the patch I'm hoping that it won't overpower Discipline though, but I have a feeling it will, and every Priest will reroll Discipline.

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    Disc is getting massive buffs in PVP and PVE come the next patch. Until then it is barely worth trying if you ask me.


    Holy is pretty great in PVE. No question about that. But in my opinion still lacks something in PVP.

    You're never going to win as a holypriest. But you may be able to turn the tide and situationally turn the tables. But you always have to ask yourself - wouldn't this had been a lot less easy if your team had replaced you with a shaman? Effectively, holypriests are the spoony bards of WoW. If you aim to be awesome at nudging others to win and to make others look awesome, it may be your thing. If you aim to be actually awesome yourself, you should look elsewhere, preferrably to the ranks of shammies and paladins.

    That said, disc is a whole lot less fun than holy in PVP. The question is basically - do you want to be a squishy clothie with a lot of outs, or do you want to be a squishy clothie without a lot of outs. The choice is pretty obvious right now

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