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    Bigwigs vs DBM for current content tier.

    So the title pretty much says it all. Obviously there has always been a pepsi v coke debate amongst these two for a while.

    Now as far as the real question goes. I use DBM and with the current content there seems to be a lack of timers for certain abilities and what not. I seem to see a lot of the higher end guilds using bigwigs but I can't tell if thats just because of the pepsi v coke debate ("I use X because I don't want to be like everyone else using X" which is pretty much the pepsi v coke debate. They both taste great, get over it.) or because bigwigs is actually better for the current content as versus DBM.

    Would love some feedback and examples as to why and or which might be better.

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    i use bigwigs because it was updated faster when cata released.. that's about it.. at least i couldn't find a dbm update that was useful..

    and pepsi is better

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    With bigwigs you can setup your own timers and that is really good when you are the first guild to see a new boss.

    I know that Paragon for example used their own timers for Lich King with infest.

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    All boss mods use the same timers. All choices on boss mods should be based on which one the user using it likes the most. If you're using the same bossmod as everybody in your raid, timers are synchronized to the actual pull - if you're not, your timers may be off slightly (half a second or so) until the bosses uses a timered ability, at which points the timers can synch themselves to that.
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    DBM and Coke.

    Cant be arsed to try bigwigs since DBM does what I need it to do. It tracks what I need to know on all the bosses I've fought this far.

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    I don't know what's the point of all these addon vs addon threads popping up every day, but continue. /sigh

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    Quote Originally Posted by lawomous View Post
    I don't know what's the point of all these addon vs addon threads popping up every day, but continue. /sigh
    People trying to find out what other people thing about certain addons, their respective pro's and cons, in order to make a decision for themselves? Isn't that the whole point of a forum, to exchange ideas, experiences and information?

    I'm suprised to see such a useless post coming from a moderator to be honest.
    (and yes, I realize the re-occurence of the same thread over and over again. That's because people encounter the same issues over and over, individually and it's usually both more convenient and informative to re-ask the same question than to sift through an old thread)

    Back on topic: I'm in favor of DBM, tho I was somewhat suprised as to how slow it was updated for the current content. Now it caught up, I don't think it really matters anymore: Both addons have nearly the same functionality and can be configured according to your own needs. (Personally I turn off half the things DBM announces, and i'm a raidleader that likes to keep track of a LOT of things... so if anything, it does too much)

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    Yeah Callypso, a search turned up 253 threads in this forum discussing Boss mod vs Boss mod and they never get anywhere.

    I'm in a good mood so I'm not locking it yet.

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