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    What engineering belt tinkers do you think are the most usefull?

    Fellow rogue engineers, I just reached lvl 85 and I can finaly start to put tinkers in my items without having to change them in the next hours.

    For cloak, I belive the only tinker avaliable is the parachute.
    For gloves, there are some pretty obvious choices (the one getting buffed next patch or the one that heals you for PvP).

    But what about the belt?
    Invisibility Field is useless to a rogue and Rocket boosts were awesome at WotlK, but now they can kill you. Not worth the risk.

    So I am left with Grounded Plasma Shield, Mind Amplification Dish and cardboard assassin.
    Which one of this do you think is the best?

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    i personally like the cardboard assassin - it's got 77k HP, and taunts, it's a decent "get em off me GET EM OFF!!" tool.

    plasma shield fails and AoE taunts, GL with that in any raid setting.

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    Plasma shield. Sometimes it backfires and gives everyone a 100% chance to crit you, but when it doesn't it's awesome. 18k shield is great combined with combat readiness. It also lets you stay in stealth when you're dotted since it absorbing damage doesn't break stealth.

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    None of them works in arena, and none of them are helpful in raids, for pvp the shockers are best, for pve the old haste buffs are best.

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    At 85 the Plasma Shield has like a 5% chance to fail so it's not as bad as Rocket Boosts.

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    Nitro boosts. Gains outweight the downsides imho.

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    Cardboard Assassin seems to be the way to go. It's an emergency button for dealing with a loose mob, but it does that job well.

    The Grounded Plasma Shield *should* be a good option, it saves a fat chunk of damage, which your healers will thank you for, but if it goes wrong it could wipe the raid (the AOE taunt backfire is pretty brutal).

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    even tho fail sometimes, and have 3 min cd, nitro boosts is the obvious choice for raiding. lost count how many they saved my life/prevented wipe.

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    Well, judging by your responses I can tell that cardboard assassin is the way to go on raid/heroics (plasma shield may have a 5% chance of failing, but if it fails I will probably wipe the raid and get Gkicked, so it's not worth the risk).

    Now for BGs, world pvp and grinding, plasma shield sounds nice to stop DOTs, nitro bosts are still good (if the "kill you" side effect doesn't happen often).....
    But what about mind amplification dish? I heard there is a way to actualy move the mind controled person, but for how long? Enough to throw them in a pack of mobs or make him jump off a cliff?

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    I really do not want to exprience any fails on boots and plasma, the aoe tuant could rly mess things up in so many ways, and yeh same with nitro fail. Cardboard assasin does have its uses tho

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    I use Cardboard assassin as a tank in my raiding guild. Its a great way to soak up a few hits since it will taunt raid level bosses. 77k hp vs 18000 hp bubble? Easy choice.

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