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    Fastest and easiest way to earn Conquest Points?

    I can't get into any rated BG's, but I might be able to do a 2's team. What are some good ways to get conquest points?

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    Um. there's two ways and you crossed out one. You can figure it out I have faith in you.
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    I think the first random BG you win in a day gives a small amount of Conquest points.

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    There are three ways of getting conquest points. The least useful is Daily BG which gives you 25x7 = 175 Conquest, so no where near cap.

    The one that's imo easiest but doesn't give most points is Arena wins. You need to win 5 arena matches per week to reach cap. And it scales with your cap. So even if you have 3000 rating you only need 5 won games to reach cap.

    Same thing with Rated BG. But you only need 3 games to win Rated Bg to get to cap.

    You should get a 2v2 or 3v3 and just go for 5 wins per week. It's fairly simple. If you get over 1500 rating you get a better cap, so go go get a good team :P
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    Thanks, I'll do that.

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