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    In regards to infractions.

    I recently got an infraction for talking about making a comment that I did not in fact actually make. I in fact said I was going to say "this" in jest but others had already beaten me to it :/

    I in fact wished the OP good luck and left it off there. Its quite possible that whoever gave me an infraction thought I was being sarcastic or something because as I read my post it clearly was in jest and not really offensive at all.

    I was actually surprised when I clicked the notification and I saw what the infraction was actually for.
    I was not aware that correcting grammar was against the rules of the forums because to be quite honest that seems ridiculous, I'd actually expect the moderators to be running around correcting grammar? This is coming from someone who has lived in 2 different multi-cultural countries for his entire life. Not only do I work and live among other cultures I in fact have gone out of my way to understand other cultures creeds and religions so as to see the world from other people's perspective.

    Though I probably should have read the forum rules thoroughly, I assumed like any website it would have the standard rules for a forum, don't verbally abuse people, don't troll them, be respectful etc. I'm just kind of surprised that 1 I didn't get a warning, I got an infraction straight off the bat. It just seemed a bit overkill for something that wasn't even meant to offend.

    Because banter and teasing is part of normal human social interaction, its not something that should be punished or looked down upon. Yeah some people go way too far, that's for sure. Some people are just out right abusive and intend to offend and hurt. But right now after making a post like that and getting an infraction because of it. I'm almost not sure I want to bother posting on these forums again. I feel like I'm being watched by "big brother" and everything I'm going to say is going to be monitored and twisted to a negative light and will also will result in another infraction and probably eventually a ban.

    I didn't really want to escalate this because its only an infraction atm and its temporary. But I thought it required some sort of discussion, how does one go about filtering out the posters who are actually abusive and a problem to the community and to those that are just getting caught in what seems to be a crossfire.

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    This infraction was your warning, you didn't get banned.

    Also, assuming you read the forum rules, you should know that Moderator actions are nothing open to discussion in public forums. If you get banned, there's a Ban Appeals forum.

    If you weren't banned yet but want to appeal an infraction, contact a blue or red directly.
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    Like Treeston said, infractions are warnings. The ban threshold is set high enough that you may receive several minor infractions before a ban; if you have no other infractions, this one won't affect you at all.

    Also as Treeston mentioned, we discourage discussion of mod actions on the forum, as we find it's best dealt with via PM; feel free to message me or Boubouille with more details and we can review your infraction.

    We certainly don't want a combative or unfriendly atmosphere on the forums; there's no "big brother" and we don't want everyone afraid to post. If you feel that's been the case, again, PM one of us and we can discuss it further.

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