Thread: Wheres my gear?

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    Wheres my gear?

    Why don't priest healers get an equal amount of gear that cloth dps gets from rep/crafting? Cloth dps gets 2 different pants and a belt from tailoring plus they get 4 rewards (not including TB) from factions. While us healers sit back and get screwed while everyone is running around in epics while we get a belt. Let me make that clearer not only do we get a belt from tailoring but almost the same belt is offered from rep. Therefore we really only have 1 epic that is available to us when we hit 85. Now there is the whole there is more cloth dps classes then us lonely healers. While warlocks and mages don't need spirit, shadow priests can use spirit and some if not most choose to because it frees up gem slots for more important stats then hit. So Blizzard why did you choose to leave priest healers on the back burner?

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    'cos you should be decked out in epics as soon as you hit 85, right? It isn't Wrath anymore.

    Anyhow, you can always reforge.

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    I'm using several of the rep/crafted epics on my priest. Are they ideal? Nah, probably not, having to reforge for spirit isn't what I want to do, but the extra stats due to the increased ilevel make them better than most other options. And besides, it leaves me more to look forward to from raiding. - A blog about gold making, WoW economics, MMO philosophy, and more!

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    just reforge spirit onto the dragonmaw neck/earth ring gloves, there are other specs who got it worse off tbh

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    It seems like most healers have had less epic crafts/rep rewards compared to DPS and Tank specs. My tinfoil hat theory is that it was done on purpose to slow early progression.

    EDIT: Also, there already have been threads on this.

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