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    Quote Originally Posted by Powerogue View Post
    If space is Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, screw my planet. it's boring.
    I second that.

    Either way, if the world's gonna burn and I'm holding the match, I'd go for it. *evil grin*

    Quote Originally Posted by enzo View Post
    6 billion lives are kinda more significant than 1.
    Since when?
    Originally Posted by Fargo (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)
    The primordial soup that creates heroes never tastes of rainbows -- it’s a lumpy gumbo of suffering and evil.

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    I don't know if I would.

    If it something more direct such as: I am the most evil being in the Universe and killing myself would save everyone then I'd imagine someone else can do the job for me. On the other hand, I think any sane human being puts himself before others. It takes a mother to sacrifice herself for a child. I'd imagine a mother would do something like that in a jiffy.

    Yes, I just said mothers are insane. But damn do we love them for it. I kinda wish I was insane like that. Guess I'm just a self-centered uncaring douchebag.
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    "I am he who watches they. I am the fist of retribution. That which does quell the recalcitrant. Dare you defy the Warchief? Dare you face my merciless judgement?"
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    Ya know, even if it was one person I would sacrifice myself. To be honest I feel like a failure and not much good to society. Course I could off myself but don't cause that would be stupid. If I die I either want it to be out of no where( instantly) or save someone/people to do some good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Astermaster View Post
    Is there a WoW server or a woman on board?
    Yes there is a WoW server.

    However, you can't raid/pvp alone you need to get anything obtained with professions from only your characters, and no future WoW updates will be released.

    The real choice is between dieing a meaningful death, even if you are the only one who knows about it, or prolonging the inevitable, living a long lonely life, and having your death stand for nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joshmaul View Post
    Since when?
    Either since it was decided that 6 billion was more than 1, or when the individual in question (no names, but a likely scenario) decided that masturbating and eating cheetos was more important than helping the orphans down the street.

    We're really not sure which at this point.
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    I spend alot of my time alone in my room, why the fuck would I want to spend the rest of my life compeltly alone. I'd take one for the team.

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    Quote Originally Posted by enzo View Post
    What's the point of even having to live if you are alone in space? Gonna pick saving the world any time. 6 billion lives are kinda more significant than 1.
    I work in tech support, I can attest that most of them are probably too retarded to realize they were even dead if they died. The other half want to kill you anyways. So, I'd let them all burn. Then I would find a nice piece of land grow fruits and vegetables, and keep live stock. Then through eugenics I would slowly rebuild society into a race of human that would not be puzzled on how to use common sense and logic to solve life's simple problems.

    I have lost all faith in Humanity at this point.
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    What a silly question. What's the point of killing yourself if you don't get the added bonus. Of course you would let the planet be destroyed, I can't wait til it happens ehy.

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    Sacrifice myself, so many karma points.

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    I would would save the world begrudgingly

    His last words were "you god damn assclowns better appreciate this!"

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    Nah I wouldn't save humanity, I would do most of them a favor if I blew them all up

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    I would wait 11 minutes. Then kill myself.
    No, I don't have anything really interesting to tell you.

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    If my name would be remembered, i'd kill myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vecks View Post
    If my name would be remembered, i'd kill myself.
    Agree but even though I think I would still do it, I would die from boredom alone in a spaceship.

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    Should have added that if you sacrafice yourself no one will know you did, they will just think your shit at driving space ships.

    In all honesty I think I would probably freeze in that situation, if for the world to be saved i had to not do anythung then grats to people on earth, if i has to pull some leaver to sacrafice myself i doubt I could pull it knowing I will die, but hey I guess you will never know the answer to this question unless you are faced with that decision.

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    Unless I have food / water and women on board, saving the world would be the right thing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnerd View Post
    I would wait 11 minutes. Then kill myself.
    You win *giggle* Learn from the best! FIGHT THE POWER!

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    Kill myself... unless the entire WoW community survives adn there is perfect internet on my spaceship

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    Heh, so much faux-nihilism going on in here. "FUCK THE WORLD MAN, MY MOM MAKES ME CLEAN MY ROOM AND I DON'T FUCKING CARE!".

    Save the world. Go down in history. If there were women on the ship, what self respecting woman would ever want to spend time with such a great coward? Become something on Earth, or become nothing in Space.

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    Why there is no option " Screw Space ship and world " aka, take everything with me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by toho View Post
    so you are in a spaceship(alone) and the planet is going to blow up, you have 10 minutes to do something that will kill you but save the planet and humanity. so will you kill yourself to save everyone else?

    if you choose to not die you will runway to outer space all alone.(food and water are not a problem)
    is WoW still available with a simulated A.I. playerbase?

    like a good A.I. close enough to a true AI you could talk to people in vent.

    lol, even if so i would still save the world, mayhap send a frozen pop back to earth so procreation is still possible.
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