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    Something funny I just ran into...

    So I was perusing some old threads for fun and ran across this. I know its a bit narcissistic to create a thread to quote something I wrote, but I thought it was crazy enough to share:

    Posted on 30AUG09 in response to "New Priest Talents for Cataclysm":
    Quote Originally Posted by [-Spiritus-] View Post
    I want DG for a friendly player... so I can be like:

    "Yo, you. Stop standing in the fire. You stand here now!"

    Totally a joke, but how I wish it....
    Spooooooky.... /tinfoilhat


    But, to make this thread less pointless...

    Given your experiences in Cataclysm so far, what would YOU like to see new for your priest in 5.0? [Assuming current issues are fixed]

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    Well as a dps, I would like to see priests that do more than drop light well then go afk. Seriously what is up with that? But ummm other than that I'm liking how priests are doing, unless I come across one in pvp setting.

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    i would like to see better looking gear such as the tier 6, I mean wtf is our tier 11 head supposed to look like ...? :P

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