Thread: Wow vs Rift

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    Wow vs Rift

    I personally think Rift will be better than wow, Whats other peoples views?

    At the end of the day Rift>Wow. Discuss

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    Well, since you say it's definitive that Rift > Wow I don't think you've left much room for discussion.

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    If they get more people it could be better but wow is so much more polished.
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    I like how the creator of this thread asks the forum posters to discuss which I presume means give reasons for why it is better but he/she simply says "At the end of the day Rift>Wow. Discuss" without any reasoning. Not the best at leading by example now are we Rend?

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    I play wow, I have been playing wow for 6 years. I've never played Rift so based on actual facts available to me I have to say: Wow > Rift.

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    Also, this is the in the wrong section, so I'm moving the locked thread into the right section (where it will remain locked since there are like 15810581 Rift threads).
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